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The Ippodromo La Moura was chosen by Vasco Rossi for his concerts in Milan in 2022, as it has a higher capacity than the San Siro (80,000 seats versus 60 at the stadium). However, it is hard to expect that a year later, a rapper from Houston, Texas, whom no more than 25 people knew, would sell 80,000 tickets: Travis Scott, on the bill for I-Days before two local trap stars, Capo Plaza and Ava. An enthusiastic sellout: Eugenio Finardi knows it well, who lives near the racecourse and on Friday night – the evening of the event – published a video on Facebook showing his knees shaking due to the vibrations. The crowd is jumping in unison. “I called 118, I thought it was an earthquake!” He commented.

dark and energetic trapperAn anti-hero figure, most of Travis’ songs reflect anger and a desire for revenge. After a long apprenticeship, he was discovered by Kanye West, of whom he was also brother-in-law (he has two children with Kim Kardashian’s sister, Kylie Jenner). On a commercial level it’s a powerhouse: collaborations with Nike, PlayStation, McDonald’s. He also created the Astroworld Music Festival in Houston, where he recreated the amusement park of his childhood with spectacular stage effects. Astroworld unfortunately went down in history in 2021 when ten people lost their lives due to a crush; On the eve of the Milan show, American judges criminally absolved him of all responsibility.

So, the expectations were for a great show and alive. This was not the case: Scott appeared alone on a bare stage and spent much of the evening inciting fans to go wild in the rain, often confining himself to “getting dirty”, that is, playing pre-recorded songs. Let’s dub our voice over the recorded track. Yes, fans get furious, but never in a dangerous way (after all, it’s hard to get hurt during live social media, priority isn’t losing your cell phone in the mud). One of them is given a pair of shoes, a gesture that Travis repeats on every date in honor of his autistic brother. An hour later – the songs move very little, often only hinting at the verse or chorus – Trap Prophet disappears after the super hits “Sicko Mode” and “Goosebumps”, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of those Those looking for something more than a concert, but don’t disappoint their followers: “The most beautiful evening of my life”, is the recurring comment. Time Change.

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