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After a long four year wait, finally Pokémon Sleep is ready to debut as one of the most unusual and special games featuring small Japanese monsters. In fact, it would be better to define it as one sleep tracker with gaming aspects because he analyzes the quality and quantity of rest, using as the protagonist par excellence the sony Pokémon, Snorlax. The concept of the software is to promote good sleep: if you maintain the right regularity, you will be able to progress through the level and, above all, “meet” other creatures in order to complete the Pokedex and other collectibles. A trailer has appeared that talks about something more and curiosity rises.

Originally Introduced In Brief, Now In 2019 As A Companion App Pokemon Goduring Pokémon Sleep it has perfected and become a reality in itself and is finally ready to debut. The starting point is Snorlax, or a giant and peaceful sleeper Pokémon that you will interact with during the day, performing some activities, such as feeding it berries. At night, however, the application will track the quality and quantity of sleep using smartphone sensors or the wearable Pokémon Go Plus, and when you wake up, it will not only return points based on hours and minutes of rest, but it will also tell you which Pokémon you encountered during the night that are similar to your sleeping style.

Pokémon Sleep Trailer

The trailer doesn’t tell you how you’ll associate your sleeping style with the creatures that they will be attracted to their snorlax while you sleep, but it is clear that the more you progress in the collection, the more you complete it Sleep style dex, where each little monster exhibits different sleeping styles. To encourage good habits, the game will reward you for getting more and deeper sleep, and it will track your graphs and stats just like other regular trackers. You can pre-register on the corresponding page on Google Play to be able to test the application in preview, which will otherwise be released to the public during the summer.

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