Polly Pocket and Lily Collins to star as Mattel News: ‘We’ve got a script’

Lily Collins will star in “Polly Pocket,” Mattel’s new live-action adaptation that also shared script updates and Lena Dunham’s cast.

Lily Collins join the Mattel universe of flesh and blood. The actress who has accompanied Netflix audiences in recent years with her performance in Emily in Paristhis time he will have the opportunity to lead a new project live action: will star in a film adaptation Polly Pocket. After the success with BarbieMattel has already made its next goal clear. The company, known around the world for making iconic toys, has already said it is doing well. 45 films to give new life to his toys, and among them is Polly Pocket, who is starting to take shape.

Polly Pocket, Lily Collins Script Ready: Latest Updates

Some time ago, Mattel Films announced that they had chosen Lily Collins to play the lead role in Polly Pocket. film written and directed from Lena Dunhamactress best known for Girls. Years later, Mattel has returned to the possibilities of the film, more concrete than ever, thanks to the success Barbie achieved just a week after her debut in theaters. Which led Margot Robbie, Barbie showed how Barbie’s Earth and the real world influence each other. Returning after a triumph at the box office, Mattel guaranteed diversity What Polly Pocket already has a script, but did not want to go too far with the plot of the project, which is still unknown. All we know for now is that Lily Collins will play the lead micro-doll and that the film is meant to be a comedy for the whole family. To the microphones Robbie Brenner Variety – the producer who runs Mattel Films, which produced Barbie and all Mattel film projects in development – called the script “fantastic” and added about the actresses involved:

First of all, these are my two favorite women. It was an amazing collaboration. Lena is very responsive and rolls up her sleeves, she enjoys taking notes and listening. It’s incredible. Lily is so smart, so specific and productive. It was an incredible collaboration, so we are thrilled with it. Hope we do it sometime in the future.

Some time ago, when the news about the film was leaked, Lily Collins expressed her joy:I was obsessed with Polly Pocket as a kid, it really is a dream come true and I can’t wait to bring these tiny toys to the big screen.“.

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