Pope celebrates Angelus after suspending prayers due to flu

VATICAN CITY.-Pope Francis He canceled his schedule for Saturday due to a “slight flu” and celebrated the traditional Sunday Angelus prayers while looking out the window of the papal palace.

Pope Francis read his own reflection and prayed the Angelus in a good voice in front of a crowd of worshipers in St. Peter’s Square. “He was suffering from a mild flu and as a precaution he canceled a hearing scheduled for this Saturday,” the Vatican reported on Saturday.

The Pope is scheduled to receive deacons from the Diocese of Rome at the Vatican on Saturday.

At the end of November, the Pope suffered from bronchitis and had to cancel some planned events, celebrate the Angelus privately, without looking out the window in front of the faithful in St. Peter’s Square, and had to have a collaborator read his speech instead.

The Argentinian pope canceled a planned trip to Dubai for a climate summit in order to allow himself to recover. But he later fully recovered and even went to the Plaza de España on December 8 to pay his traditional homage to the Immaculate Conception.

In his reflections on the Angelus this Sunday, the Pope invited the faithful to spend Lent, the period before Holy Week, “cultivating the capacity to be surprised by the beauty that shines in everyone, excluding no one – in our In the people around you.” In the unknown; in the happy faces of the happy, in the tears of the weeping; in the sad and dull eyes of those who have withstood the test of life and lost their enthusiasm. “Lent has a good purpose – to cultivate an open perspective, to be a seeker of light, to seek the light of Jesus in prayer and in people,” he asked Catholics.

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