Scottie Pippen attacks Michael Jordan again during Australia tour

and1990s, basketball NBA passed a golden age of dominance chicago bullshe won six championships Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen There are others, captured in documentaries last dance.

The material was released on multiple platforms, with the final series of Unknown Moments chicago bulls they argued before him Utah Jazzthe Illinois quintet won four games to two.

However, the look of Jordan’s great protagonist did not sit well with others involved, such as Bulls’ 23-year-old great sidekick Scottie Pippen, or even with other former Bulls members such as Horace Grant and Luke Longley. , they embarked on a tour in Australia titled “Who?” “No Bulls Tour“.

The three players will be in cities such as Sydney, Tasmania and Melbourne to talk about some of the things that appear in the documentary, and they try to demystify them in some way, given that the three players are Jordan’s accessories. .

they praise Michael Jordan Can’t give enough credit to me and my proud teammates…the producer gave him editorial control over the final product. This document cannot be released in any other way.He is the protagonist and the director

Scottie Pippen/former Chicago Bulls player

The “No Bull Tour” is part of a partnership between the three Chicago players and the Australian Basketball League to bring NBA stars to life with young people in the Oceania country.

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