Pope clarifies he does not have pneumonia, but “very acute bronchitis”

Pope Francis clarified on Thursday that he was not suffering from “pneumonia”; “Very acute infectious bronchitis” But he no longer has a fever.

This was demonstrated to the participants of the “Ethics of Health Management” seminar.

“Thank God it’s not pneumonia. It’s a very acute form of infectious bronchitis. I no longer have a fever but am still taking antibiotics. and those things. Thanks for it all. (…) Take care of your health, health is the opposite, it is both strong and fragile,” he stressed.

Francesco underwent a CT scan (computed axial tomography) at a hospital in Rome last Saturday, which confirmed these health problems.

Although recently respiratory problems, Forcing him to cancel the aforementioned trip, which, like his visits to Congo and South Sudan, was rescheduled due to knee problems, he spoke for more than two hours on Tuesday with the Spanish bishops, who were summoned to analyze the situation Spain of seminary.

Francisco had I have suffered from several diseases this year Due to age – he will be 87 on December 17 – and complications from surgery for an abdominal hernia.

In April, it was Hospitalization The bronchitis, which had to be treated with antibiotics for three days, caused concern because the pope arrived in an ambulance with symptoms of a fever.

In June, unexpectedly, due to adhesions during colon diverticulum surgery in July 2021, he had to undergo abdominal hernia surgery again and was hospitalized for 9 days.

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