Post-Brady first year kicks off in NFL with favorite Mahomes, eternal Rodgers and Brow in focus

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History national football league changed forever in that moment mo lewis He hit Drew Bledsoe so hard that he suffered a concussion on the grass. September 23, 2001 looked like any other Sunday in the United States. Foxborough, Massachusetts. When a languid-looking young man replaced the Patriots’ starting quarterback. No one expected it to be the start of his most memorable career, winning more Super Bowl rings than any other team. 22 years later, after Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes is the natural heir and has a litter of children he has grown up with “goat” as inspiration.

Since then, many things have changed. In 2001, the Twin Towers had just been toppled, smartphones weren’t even a sci-fi utopia, and the windows of the New England Patriots were empty — and that seemed unlikely to change for the quarterback drafted in 1999. 2000 overall pick but TB12’s fortunes changed with the arrival of TB12, who gave them six of Vince Lombardi’s seven individual trophies as he was honored to win another trophy Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2020.

Nostalgia for Brady will fall like summer snow, not because anyone will be surprised to announce his retirement at 46, but because he has become a part of everyday life, in an environment that hates and loves him , due to natural reasons, he has become a part of everyday life. He was hostile to the supremacy, but also commanded deep respect for his steely mentality and scrupulous discipline, which allowed him to prosper and live 22 seasons. But life goes on, and the NFL is poised to become a blank canvas where new artists will capture their most epic work.

already a natural heir Brady, Pat Mahomes, He’s proven that times can’t be this bad after the greatest player of all time. The standout quarterback out of Texas Tech has wowed the world with an easy run to three of the past four Super Bowls with the Kansas City Chiefs. The AFC West team has won two championships in four years, but suffered a loss in the 2020 season. At that time, the god of time wanted to combine the past and the future to bring a subversive performance. The winner of this battle in the most anticipated matchup of the modern era is Brady.

The Mahomes era started when Brady was still in the league, but it won’t be easy for him to surpass the achievements of the culprit with only two rings on his hands. Rivalry in the NFL, with past talents like Aaron Rodgers just making the switch green bay packers For the New York Jets, it would make his life miserable. Then there’s Joe Burrow, who also played on Super Sunday 2021, when the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the mighty Los Angeles Rams.

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In fact, the league has gotten so young that the New York Jets have the oldest player and overall roster in the league, with an average age of 27 years and four months; Rodgers’ average age is 27 years and four months. moon. although, one shot After finally quitting TB12, he was the oldest in the sample at the age of 39 years and 9 months. For the first time since Brady’s 40th birthday in 2017, there will be no players 40 or older on any roster. In fact, the Buccaneers went from being the oldest of the 32 teams to being the youngest due to the “Brady effect.” Now, they have 53 players on their starting roster, including 13 rookies, making them the team with the most rookies in the league.

The average age of each player in this event is 26 years old, 4 months, the average date of birth converted to April 9, 1997. Six teams have an average player age under 26, 24 teams have an average player age between 26 and 27, and 24 teams have an average player age between 26 and 27. There are 24 teams with an average age between 26 and 27. Over 27, the aforementioned Rodgers Jets and New Orleans Saints.

So, in a revitalized league, the competition will be fierce. A war without gunpowder.Rodgers’ peek pass set to spark a frenzy like never before MetLife Stadium, while sprinting on an empty field terik hill They will thrill the battered Miami Dolphins once again. In Dallas, expectations of who will be their quarterback in the midterms with the arrival of Trey Lance following Dak Prescott will have fans starving for success as they have since 1996. There was no championship celebration. In Foxborough, Bill Belichick will continue to be obsessed with proving to the world that he can succeed without Brady, while in Pittsburgh his fate will depend on the health of the league’s top pass rusher TJ Watt.

It’s going to be a season of reveals in the bay, where Brock Purdy He’ll have to deal with the pressure of running the San Francisco 49ers’ offense while avoiding being the surprise factor of Mr. Irrelevance. Las Vegas will continue to have a solid passer like Jimmy Garoppolo, who will struggle to improve on the level shown by Derek Carr, who moved to New Orleans in the offseason, Where he didn’t leave the gym to seek revenge.

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In Las Vegas casinos, the next favorites super bowl fifty-eighth They are +650 to the defending champion Chiefs. But that task appears difficult for Andy Reed’s students, as there haven’t been consecutive seasons since 2004 — 20 years ago — when Brady’s Pats last did it. defending champion. A sample of the league’s high level of competitiveness. After KC, San Francisco is the bookmakers’ second favorite, followed by the National League incumbent Kings, Jalen Hertz’s Philadelphia Eagles, Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Tigers. Joe Burrow.

The table is ready. On Thursday, Sept. 7, the Chiefs will face the Detroit Lions in the traditional start of the 2023 season, seeking to take the first step toward a two-time championship. Jared Goff and Aidan Hutchinson’s team will fight against all odds to hit the table at Arrowhead Stadium. Welcome to the first year of the post-Brady era, It’s the first of a new phase in the NFL, and there’s no best ever.

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