Why Harvey fell in love with Donna: beautifully captured in Suits’ TikTok video


  • Harvey falls in love with Donna in Suits without even realizing it, as evidenced by a viral TikTok video highlighting their deep bond.
  • Despite the undeniable chemistry, Suits chose to keep Harvey and Donna’s relationship purely platonic for most of the series.
  • The slow and gradual romance between Harvey and Donna was worth the wait as it provided a strong and meaningful relationship between the characters.

Viral TikTok video shows why Harvey fell in love with Donna in costume. The hit Netflix series that originally aired on USA Network may be a legal drama, but it touches on other storylines as well. While detailing the characters in Suits, the series also explored their love stories, including the slow-paced romance between Harvey and Donna.

It may have taken Donna and Harvey 8 seasons to meet in Suits, but the TikTok video from Sam Cardi B perfectly shows how Harvey fell in love with Donna without even realizing it. Watch the video below:

In the video, the author shows how Harvey could not fully function without Donna. More importantly, however, Donna’s effectiveness and poignancy were evident from the very beginning of Suits. Harvey just didn’t notice right away.

Why the Suites took Donna and Harvey together for so long

The chemistry between Harvey and Donna was evident from the beginning, which meant Suits could have made them a couple right away. While Harvey was technically Donna’s boss, they were more of a partner and Harvey allowed her to express her opinion freely. In fact, the best lawyer in New York often relied on his opinion and judgment when he could not make a decision on his own. Rather than take the opportunity for an office relationship between the two, the Suits kept their relationship purely platonic for most of the series.

To put this into perspective, creator Aaron Korsh admitted that he originally planned for Dana Scott to be paired with Harvey in Suits rather than Donna. With that in mind, it’s understandable why the show’s early years focused on the professional rivalry and personal dynamic between Harvey and Scotty. However, over time, the couple faded away. Given that Harvey subsequently had other women and Donna had other men, the Suits heightened the romantic tension between the two.

In the end, Harvey and Donna’s plot couldn’t have been better. If Suits had brought them together earlier, they probably would have broken up. At least when they finally got into a relationship, there’s no doubt that it was destined to last.

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