Search continues for three missing persons after DANA passes

This Wednesday, look for three people The following lost After an isolated high-level low pressure (DANA) moved across Madrid and Toledo. Emergency services and the National Guard are using drones and ground crews to carry out these missions from the air.

as time goes by Lower chances of being found alive Missing persons In the municipalities of Madrid, the task is complicated by the sheer number. mud That dragged the water.The government of Castilla-La Mancha said that almost all 1,900 incidentsmostly in the province of Toledo.

Two men missing in Madrid due to heavy rain

missing madrid is middle-aged man His car was swept away while passing the Alberche River on Sunday night gray village He was found alive when he was traveling with his wife and two children, and another 83-year-old man was also swept away by the current. Villamanta.

The buildup of branches and trees, as well as the buildup of sand, continued to hamper operations, although the drop in water levels at Albersh allowed emergency services to re-explore the area they had already scoured on Monday.

On Tuesday, an excavator moved to the riverbed in an attempt to dig Dig up the car the family travels inStill no results, went to check the possibility that the father of the family was under the car.

Also on the tour were the wife and daughter of the missing person, who were rescued that night, and the son of a 10-year-old boy who was found perched in a tree Monday morning suffering from hypothermia.

As far as he is concerned, disappearing in Villamanta used to be washed away by a waterspout While he was near his home located in the urbanization of Jjerfa.

Three men die in Castile-La Mancha

exist Castile-La Mancha, Days after DANA passed, the balance of material losses la mancha province Three men killed by storm: one in Casa Rubios del Monte, another on the A-40 in Vargas and the last in Camarena.

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exist val mojardoin Toledo, the National Guard has asked for cooperation in finding missing woman From Sunday night to Monday, he drove his vehicle on the CM-4004 highway.

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