‘Pray For Me’: IShowSpeed ​​Hospitalized Again

Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed ​​is back in the hospital and has asked his fans to pray for him.

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Speed ​​returned to the hospital. | © Show Speed

Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed ​​is back in the hospital just one day after being discharged. The young content creator was rushed to hospital by ambulance with a severe headache and mysterious swollen eyes, but was released a short time later, yet again posted pictures from his hospital bed!

IShowSpeed ​​is known for his chaotic YouTube livestreams, during which he repeatedly nearly burns down his apartment, leaks celebrity phone numbers, and more. Speed ​​quickly became one of the biggest streamers on YouTube and was able to meet his football heroes as well as Drake and others. This boy is on the right track!

The 18-year-old content creator has been out of shape lately, suffering from severe headaches and mysteriously swollen eyes. Speed ​​was rushed to the hospital as a result, revealing he apparently had a severe sinus infection.

This was revealed by a friend of Speed slippershe continued to update his followers on the situation, including that Speed ​​had been discharge.

IShowSpeed ​​returns to hospital just one day after discharge

After Speed ​​was released from the hospital, fans wished the YouTuber a speedy recovery. But on July 31, just a day after being released from the hospital, the popular creator posted another photo of him in a hospital bed.

Shortly after Speed ​​was released from the hospital, the infection appeared to return, but once again, slippers He informed people about his condition.

Speed ​​had an MRI and no surgery was required.The doctor said the inflammation and bacteria were not in his eyes but on his eyelids

Diagnosis seems to be the same, sinusitisBut this time the doctors “They said it could develop meningitis if not treated properly, so they advised him to stay in hospital for now.”.

Slipper emphasized that Speed ​​is being well cared for, and seemed optimistic about the popular creator’s recovery.

Speed ​​also made a video for his fans explaining the situation and his symptoms, saying these “They might even keep it here for a few months”.

Although he mentions months, he may have been on medication when this video was filmed.

The YouTuber emphasized that he would love to create content for his fans, but was unable to do so due to his health condition.

While it’s certainly admirable that he still wants to entertain his fans, he should focus on getting well quickly and taking care of his health.

Live streaming, especially live streaming in real life, has real dangers!

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