Prevent kidney stones, which are more common in summer

Dr. José Ángel Gómez Pascual recommends hydration to avoid or eliminate kidney stones, and if they cannot be eliminated naturally, he recommends lithotripsy as the main minimally invasive treatment without surgery.

According to experts, the incidence of kidney stones, or nephrolithiasis (commonly known as kidney stones), can increase by as much as 40 percent during the summer months.The reason is simple: the most common type of kidney stone is the buildup of calcium, other minerals and salts in the kidneys … + read more

They include the 51 major types of kidney cells in the complete kidney atlas.

It is an interactive resource that provides researchers and clinicians with hypotheses about kidney disease around the world. + read more

Complete 3D atlas of renal cell organization and molecular identity in healthy and diseased kidneys

Notable findings include 51 cell types in healthy kidneys, some of which are rare and novel, and 28 cell types associated with traits associated with injury and other renal processes. + read more

Why are women more resistant to kidney disease?

Women are more resistant to kidney disease and are protected from certain forms of cell death. + read more

They develop a new tool that removes fragments of kidney stones after laser surgery

After the stone passes, the remaining fragments are sometimes not passed through the urine, which can cause the stone to grow larger or contain bacteria that can lead to repeated UTIs. + read more

Eating added sugar increases risk of kidney stones

These types of sugars are found in many processed foods, but are especially abundant in soft drinks, packaged juices, candies, ice cream, cakes, and cookies, among others. + read more

Jardiance advances in EU as treatment for chronic kidney disease in adults

Once approved, the drug could improve the standard of care for the more than 47 million Europeans living with CKD and other related cardiovascular, renal and metabolic diseases. + read more

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