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The success of an artist depends on both her music and her appearance. Pop artist this week Doja Cat posted some nasty comments about her fans and fan pages dedicated to her, advising them “get a job.” This story, which cost her over 600,000 Instagram followers, adds a new page to the existing one. very long list of contradictions that concern the singer in recent months. Accused of being a Satanist and practicing the dark arts, sold his soul to the devilher makeup this year in preparation for launch of his new album provoked a lot of criticism. But while the backlash sparked by Doji Cat’s surreal and unsettling look has raged for months, the backlash on Threads these days after the singer insulted her fan pages has already found an explanation. It seems that Scarletthe name of the upcoming album should be called the alter ego that Dodja will play during the tour, evil and petty character. Blood, spiders and medieval monsters have become Doji’s favorite subjects, but her fans don’t seem ready to appreciate this dark and grotesque side of her just yet.

Dodge styling evolution in recent years

Nothing new in new Doja Cat Artist's alter ego draws inspiration from past pop music |  Image 463402

Nothing new in new Doja Cat Artist's alter ego draws inspiration from past pop music |  Image 463400

Doja Cat for Schiaparelli

Nothing new in new Doja Cat Artist's alter ego draws inspiration from past pop music |  Image 463401

Doja Cat for the Met Gala

Nothing new in new Doja Cat Artist's alter ego draws inspiration from past pop music |  Image 463403

Before losing the support of her fans, Dodja entertained them with pop songs from billions of performances, accompanied her concerts with hypnotic ballets, which the singer put on with long pastel hair, thick false eyelashes and outfits that hugged her shape, including sarongs and a low-cover bikini , silhouettes of the 50s and sequins. The first change that destroyed his image fairy pop in the ordinary imagination, this may be due to shaved head – later adorned with provocative illustrations as a symbol of anarchism – followed by a collaboration with Daniel Roseberry, designer Schiaparellion occasion Paris Fashion Week. The look Doja wore to the Roseberry show was nothing short of unsettling as she was herself. covered in red paint and Swarovski crystals from head to toe, and even then, despite the fact that it was a haute couture dress signed by a fashion house known worldwide for its surreal designs, a large part of the Internet public immediately spoke out against the singer’s decision to change her appearance. so radical. Since then, the comments have only grown sharper, culminating in the most exaggerated accusations of CONSPIRACY. “Sold my soul”, “This is a cult and human sacrifice”, “Not an Illuminati triangle”, these are just some of the comments with the most likes under his posts.

Now we don’t want to defend or justify an artist who does not respect her fans, but it must be said that such events are very easy to remember, the very ones that marked a career Britney Spears AND Miley Cyrus. Both leaders of the American media, both burned to death as soon as their appearance and behavior did not suit what they became famous for. Two pre-packaged cuties who reached the pinnacle of success before they even came of age, Spears and Cyrus teach that fame, paparazzi, hardcore fans bordering on harassment, and constant media coverage lead to inevitable ruin. Just as they were pushed to the limit in those years, Dodge has changed over and over again. thrown at the paparazzi went so far as to post photos on social media of her giving them the middle finger. And just like Britney’s shaved head in 2007 and Cyrus’ performance at the 2013 VMAs have long been considered a sin for female artists to be ashamed of – although today they greatly contribute to their iconic image in the public imagination – thousands of users negatively evaluate the appearance. and the new Doji music picking up all over the place “I miss the old Dodge.”

The myth of the outcast artist

the myth ofartist gone crazy people don’t like it, especially if the musician in question has always been attractive, but Doji’s drastic change is not at all unexpected. Using images dating back to the 1600s, collaborating with haute couture designers and thus insanely annoying their fans seems to be part of a marketing plan aimed at tour advertisement, more than a scandal caused by mental imbalance. And while the reaction of the public is very similar to the outraged since the tabloids brazenly published “meltdown” Britney, Dodge’s unconventional looks are nothing but the artist’s way of using impressive imagery to evoke strong emotions in listeners and followers. The allure of the grotesque in contemporary fashion and media, that is, the use by artists and designers of elements of the part of reality that causes us the greatest disgust, existed long before the arrival of Scarlet, the new Doji. The grotesque has been a part of art for centuries, and even in the modern world it has caught on several times. We are not so far from those years when Lady Gagabefore entering the world of Hollywood, performed the amazing role of a dress-up magician, flaunting pointed facial prostheses what gave her alien cheekbones – according to the artist “they appear when I feel inspired” – tiresome raw meat clothesor inducing vomiting on oneself during the concert. Nevertheless, the public is still amazed, rushing to scream at the conspiracy theorists.

If the grotesqueness of a monumental artist like Gaga has led to her being recognized as an icon, perhaps we need to try to take a fresh look at Doji’s new work. His Instagram posts contain the same irony who always amused his fans, between selfies from unpleasant angles and provocative phrases, but they just added new interests an artist who still has every right to rewrite himself. In addition to the provocations that Doja sends paparazzi and annoying fans, now there are monsters, bloodbaths and spiders. It’s true that Dodge’s catchy pop is far from the symbolic and political scope that Lady Gaga espoused in the 1910s, and it would be risky to compare the two. But never say never.

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