Preview of Terra Amara, Turkish episodes: Muzhgan dies in a plane crash

Bitter Land continues, and during the Turkish episodes, viewers will have to experience another very important goodbye. This time Doctor Mujgan will die. he will die in a plane crashleaving the little one orphan Kerem Ali.

Bitter Earth preview: Mujgan flies away and dies on the plane

During the Turkish episodes of Terra Amara, Muzhgan will decide to move on after death of Yilmaz. So, now, having archived all the problems of the past, he decides to get a job as the head physician in a prestigious hospital. Istanbul. The woman will first go on a short trip to conduct an inspection, complete final paperwork and view the apartment in which she will live. Before doing this, he will instruct Kerem Ali – Fekeli, asking to leave the child for a few days so as not to send him on an unnecessary trip. However, unfortunately, after Mujgan’s departure, the news will immediately reach plane disappearance. A lot of concern will immediately arise for the woman, but, unfortunately, everything will be in vain. In fact, the plane will fall into the sea and there will be no more opportunity to fall. save the survivors.

Zuleikha says goodbye to her enemy, Fekeli takes care of Kerem Ali

After confidence in death of Mujganand Chukurova there will be great excitement. Zuleikha will say goodbye to her enemy, saying that he would never forget all the harm they caused each other, but would still take care of his child if the need arose. Meanwhile, Fekeli, as Kerem Ali’s grandfather and the only surviving relative after the death of both of the child’s parents, will officially adopt the child. Kerem Ali and will begin to take care of him constantly. In the meantime, everyone will officially say goodbye to the doctor, including her. people who loved her and is valued for her work as a physician and beyond.

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