Tim Burton defends Johnny Depp from media pillory

In recent years, many actors have found themselves in the media spotlight and their careers have suffered significantly as a result. Interviewed Independent, Tim Burton he spoke precisely about this topic, meaning, in particular, Johnny Depp and Paul Reubens, actors who worked with him and had similar problems. The great director compared them to a monster Frankenstein chased away by angry villagers.

Here’s the thing, explains Tim Burton. When I was a child, I always had this image of Frankenstein’s angry villagers. I’ve always thought of society as an angry village. You’re seeing this more and more. It’s a very, very strange human dynamic, a human trait that I don’t quite like and don’t quite understand.

Elsewhere in the interview Tim Burton he also talked about artificial intelligence, starting with the article Buzzfeed in which characters from the films were recreated Disney with al AI in his style.

They asked artificial intelligence to make my versions of Disney characters,” the director said. I can’t describe the feeling this brings. It reminded me of cultures that believe that shooting takes away the soul. What AI does is suck something out of you, your soul or your psyche. This is truly alarming, especially if it has to do with your art. It’s like a robot is stealing your humanity or soul.

We will meet again Tim Burton behind the camera to continue Beetle juice (here are 15 themed rarities), a much-loved 1988 film. In the new film Michael Keaton he will return as the main ghost character and will be joined again Winona Rider as Lydia Dietz with Catherine O’Hara at Lydia’s stepmother, Delia Dietz. They will be joined by the star of the series. Wednesday, Jenna Ortega, who will reportedly play Lydia’s daughter. They replenish the pool of new entries Monica Bellucci as the wife of “Spiritello Porcello” from the title Justin Theroux in an as yet unknown role.

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