Princess Sofia looks most comfortable during her visit to the Model Town of Asturias

Princess Sofia was the most absent last year

Asturias Model Town Award. The youngest daughter of His Majesty the King of Spain is absent due to gastroenteritis. However, the Princess of Asturias was able to accompany her parents.

This year we once again saw the image of all four members of the royal family together.As usual, everyone wore

looks more informal and comfortable. In the case of Infanta Sofía, the youngest daughter of the family follows in the style footsteps of her older sisters and mother.

We see this again in his appearances with his parents, the King of Spain, and his sister Leonor. Members of the royal family came to honor the exemplary people of Asturias. Letizia, Leonor and Princess Sofia didn’t disappoint with their outfits.

The Queen opted for a slightly more eye-catching sweater, while her daughters wore more matching outfits typical of their sisters. It’s worth noting that the two already share a lot of outfits and inspire each other when it comes to their look choices.

When Princess Sofia takes

hunting jacket The Princess of Asturias also wore green when she arrived at boarding school in Wales a few years ago. This is the first look we’ve seen on Leonore during the pandemic, and she’s wearing blue jeans, a sailor-striped T-shirt, and white sneakers.

Leonor enters Welsh boarding school in 2021. /


Now, Princess Sofia, who like Leonor started the course at boarding school in Wales, wanted to pay tribute to her sister on this special day with this jacket. In what seems like a very sisterly wink, Sofia wants to wear an almost identical jacket to Leonor in 2021.

Of course, this

hunting jacket It’s a bit newer than the one Leonor wore. This is a closer fitting jacket and perhaps warmer. It has a zipper and is perfect for now when it’s not as cold as winter.

Princess Sofia and Leonor’s cozy looks. Photo: Gtres.

To complete the look, Princess Sofia wanted to pair her sister with white jeans. The two have always been very close, although their styles often differed widely; indeed, c

Their appearances tend to be more similar when they are dressed more casually.

An aqua sweater adds the finishing touch to Infanta Sofia’s outfit, adding a pop of color to the outfit. As for shoes, Sofia preferred to wear classic white sneakers, not adding more color to the Asturian look.

Why Infanta Sofía is absent from the 2022 Asturian Model Awards

This year, we were able to see Princess Sofia accompanying her parents and sister to present one of the most anticipated awards of the week,

Asturias Model Town Award Awarded annually. Although Princess Sofia has just started her career at a Welsh boarding school, she is already able to attend these official events.

However, she was one of the most absentees last year. The youngest daughter of the King of Spain was unable to attend the event because she suffered from gastroenteritis. This was reported to the media by his parents at the same event as well as by the royal family.

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