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Few celebrities like Hailey are able to influence Generation Z with their rituals and beauty secrets. The Rhode founder’s tips, which she shares and updates regularly on her TikTok profile, where she never misses a chance to post skincare and makeup tutorials, often turn into gems to cherish. So after a short video that made the brightening and anti-aging facial massager go viral, the 26-year-old has unveiled a new beauty pill, this time dedicated to one of the top summer 2023 makeup trends: fake freckles.

By adding just a few drops at the end of the makeup, after completing the foundation, on the bridge of the nose, the model wasted no time joining the trend and, as she already did, creating her own version of latte. Makeup, did a little fake freckles are the main step of her makeup for the summer of 2023.

Hailey Bieber: All About Her Fake Freckles

Already chosen by other peers such as Kylie Jenner, Chiara Ferragni and Belen Rodriguez who could not resist the charm of these small spots, slightly darker complexions that are accentuated for some or appear already in the spring when there is more time outdoors and in direct contact with natural light, freckles can be recreated artificially to maximize a tanned look. Hailey, however, takes this trend a step further by giving it ultra minimalist interpretation. Few and concentrated on the nose and only on the sides of the bridge of the nose Justin Bieber’s wife’s freckles are added to her natural ones and thus become even more natural and seamless, as if they, too, really sprouted due to exposure to the sun. . To recreate them, Hayley uses a product that, unlike henna, is temporary and easy to use at any time: fake freckle pen.

Available in a variety of colors that adapt to everyone’s complexion, the product is applied in pinpoint strokes in the right places with light and gradual pressure to better modulate the final effect. The secret to making them long-wearing and spontaneous is to apply a layer of translucent powder to them to lightly tint their color and set them in place for a long time.

The Best Fake Freckle Pens for Summer 2023

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