Project Artemis with Scarlett Johansson: at NASA for the filming of the film Apple TV+

Apple TV+ will make a movie titled Project Artemiswhose filming is currently underway at Kennedy Space Center of NASA. There is talk of a cast of absolute thickness, which will see the presence of Scarlett Johansson in the role of the protagonist, flanked by important names such as that of Channing Tatum.

Since its announcement the film has undergone many changes, both among the cast and among the directors. Starting with the director, a role originally intended to be covered by Jason Bateman, who left the film in favor of Greg Berlanti, who took over to resolve the irreconcilable creative disputes. Chris Evans, who was supposed to star opposite Johansson, was also later replaced by Channing Tatum. We also know that the cast also includes Jim Rash, Ray Romano and Woody Harrelson.

For now the plot of the film is jealously guarded, but as anticipated we know that will be set in the 60sduring the birth of aerospace technologies as we understand them today, but some suggestions are provided to us by requests in the casting phase, where figures capable of interpreting secret service agents and NASA employees were requested, therefore it is probable that everything will be focused on the silent clash between the USSR and the United States in demonstrating their dominance in the race to conquer space.

With Project Artemis we will a leap back in time 60 years, as evidenced by the first images from the set that we have proposed above. Shooting for the film began in late October of last year, but in February, classic cars began filling the parking lots at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida as preparations began for some on-location filming.

The first photos taken from the set also reveal that the famous clock visible on the site dedicated to the press, now replaced by a display a few years ago, has been reproposed in a credible way as it appeared in the 60s. As you can see in the masthead, some photos of Scarlett Johansson with a typical 60s clothing and unmistakable hairstyle had also previously emerged, which we propose again below. Now the context is much clearer.

In addition to the images we have to rely on rumors, and in this regard we discover that some actors have already finished filming their scenes.

Then there is a yellow on the name of the film, as it seems that crew members refer to him as “Eleven”. Having ascertained that there is no connection with Stranger things, it is very likely that this is a simple ploy to divert the attention of the most curious journalists or it is a simple provisional title used in the production phase.

We just have to wait for new information on this highly anticipated production, reminding you that Apple TV + has recently worked on other thick content, such as the film Tetris, whose release is scheduled for March 31 on the streaming service of the same name.

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