Quentin Tarantino’s latest film will see him return to the place where he first started filming.

Quentin Tarantino’s next film, The Film Critic, will be filmed in California, where he began his career and where he praised the crew and locations. Although Tarantino planned to retire after this film, his future is being discussed and actors have expressed hopes of working with him again. Tarantino’s future after The Film Critic remains a mystery, but he has expressed interest in writing novels and producing television shows.

The Film Critic marks Quentin Tarantino’s latest film and will return to the iconic location that launched his career. Tarantino began his career in 1992 with the independent film Reservoir Dogs, and his next film, Pulp Fiction, helped him solidify his reputation and establish himself as a distinguished director. After nine films, The Film Critic would be Tarantino’s final film work, ending his career in theatrical productions.

While Tarantino is still preparing to film The Film Critic, the acclaimed director spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his plans for his latest film to hit theaters, including where it will be filmed. Tarantino said he hoped to begin filming in the fall of 2023 and said he would return to shoot the film in California, the same state where he filmed Reservoir Dogs, praising his hometown for its significance in film history and for its dedication to the craft. specialists who work there. Below is Tarantino’s full response:

“I love filming in California. I started directing here and it feels right that I will make my last film in the film capital of the world. There’s nothing like filming in my hometown; the teams are the best I’ve ever worked with and the locations are incredible.”

What will happen to Quentin Tarantino after his last film?

Although Tarantino has firmly stated that he plans to retire after what he believes will be his tenth film released in theaters, there has been a lot of discussion among fans and industry insiders about his future as work on The Film Critic has picked up steam. Although acclaimed director Christopher Nolan has questioned Tarantino’s real intentions to retire, the Oppenheimer director said he understands Tarantino’s point of view as he is also a film enthusiast and is committed to ending his career in the state he desires. Some actors have also expressed hope of working with Tarantino in his big finale, such as Elizabeth Olsen, who said she hopes to land a role in The Film Critic.

Tarantino’s future after The Film Critic is still a mystery. For now, however, the focus remains on the director’s tale of a writer from 1970s California. However, there are many paths that Tarantino can take in his career beyond feature films, as evidenced by his thirty years of film experience, which has allowed him to expand his skills. The director made his debut as an author with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, writing a novelization, and Tarantino expressed interest in developing television programs after working on The Film Critic.

With Tarantino bringing his Film Critic production to California, it’s clear that the director intends to make his latest film truly special. While few details have been revealed at this point and the actors who often accompanied him have not been confirmed, moving his latest work back to where he started shows that Tarantino hopes to use it as an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate his long career . what he manages to do. Once filming begins on The Film Critic, fans paying attention to Tarantino’s career will likely be interested to see what other important elements of his filmography can be found in its grand cinematic finale.

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