The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon’s Toxic Work Environment

September 7 Rolling Stones published a report in which he tried to tell what happens behind the scenes of such a television product as Evening showNBC’s flagship Jimmy Fallon, who has led the program for ten seasons. The investigation, which includes 14 direct testimonies from former employees of the deus-ex-machina talk show, brings together a completely idyllic atmosphere, unpleasant episodes bordering on the mafia, and cyclical outbursts of the host, outlining the contours of very toxic work environment.

A bit like what happened to co-star Ellen DeGenereswhat she was accused of in 2020 bullying of his employees and was forced to close the show after 19 years to avoid public disgrace. Fallon also tried to apologize to his staff and make corrections in the matter. Reportedly Diversity, the host would host a Zoom meeting, saying he was heartbroken by the accusations: “I feel terrible, you’re like family to me.” But despite these weak apologies (which did not imply recognition or admission of guilt), the controversy did not subside.

Let’s go in order. What the report says Rolling Stones about the working environment behind the scenes Today’s show hosted by Fallon? An employee of the program, who wished to remain anonymous to avoid consequences, said that “becoming the author of such a show is a dream for many, it’s a shame that it immediately turns into a nightmare.” Another said: “No one can say no to Jimmy, especially his writers.” Poona, the gusts of the host, is known to the general public as an affable and likeable character. In reality, these accusations paint Fallon as a tyrant who has “good days and dark days” and causes his employees a lot of trouble during the latter. Of the 14 people interviewed during the investigation, seven admitted that their mental state was affected by panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts. “We joked that we really wanted to commit suicide, but it was not a joke at all“, one of them added.

Fallon’s Container Is So Prestigious That Many Employees Endured It, Reportedly Rolling Stones through the testimony of those directly involved – harassment and insults, outbursts of anger and an absurd work rhythm, because they are convinced that they “should be grateful to Jimmy and other NBC leaders for their position on the show.” At the center of these tense days, in the stories of all those interviewed, is always Jimmy Fallon, according to this version, only attractive in front of the cameras, and then completely uncontrollable behind the scenes. “If Jimmy’s in a bad mood, it’s going to be a terrible day, everyone knows that. We act carefully so as not to anger him.” The completely unveiled accusation is that they are the ones Fallon’s alcohol addiction problems cause him to have fits of anger.

Evening show it’s a million-dollar television giant and a record-breaking viewership mine of some of the world’s biggest celebrities and entertainers. Fallon, who began his career in Saturday Night Lifequickly rose to the top of NBC thanks to its historic The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonFinally, with the show currently on the air, it will soon become the starting point for late-night programming on American television and become one of the top products most cited by schedules and advertisers. Myself Ellen DeGeneres forced to admit his mistakes and say goodbye to his television creation, Fallon now appears firmly in place thanks to the empire he has built through merchandising, star ratings and celebrity guests. But the Pandora’s box uncovered by the investigation has already opened a dam that promises further revelations and, if the allegations are true, also justice for those who have been subjected to toxic and malicious treatment in the workplace.

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