Rainy season; brings respiratory diseases

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With the rain comes the so-called common diseases, as doctors, mothers and grandmothers point out; “We have to stop them all.”

It is not an exaggeration to take extreme precautions, and it does not hurt to go to the nearest official medical site if you feel unwell.

Diseases that come almost at the same time as the rainy season – already felt in the Veracruz region – are respiratory infections such as otitis media (mild inflammation of the ear), conjunctivitis (infection of the outer eye membrane), bronchitis (chest cold), pneumonia (with Acute infection of inflammation of the lungs, called pneumonia), etc.

Therefore our health authorities
During this season, they advise on the importance of extreme precautions, especially in the morning and evening, as the rains lead to cooler ambient temperatures, ie lower humidity.

I think the health department should promote and increase announcements on recommended precautions to the population, as they have had little or no announcements on this so far.Although
We know what to do, but remembering ourselves is a task for government departments in the field of health.

We must cover our mouths or noses with something before cooking, after using the toilet, coughing or sneezing, using public transport, touching money, keys, metal or phones, caring for a sick person or petting a pet. Disposable tissue or inside corner of elbow. If you get wet, change your wet clothes immediately, but what better way than to do everything possible to warn and advise the public?

Since May, the first rains and climate change usually occur, which increases the risk of infection affecting the respiratory system, but especially now that we have been through the new crown pandemic for almost three years. It is inevitable to accept that the human organism—and all organisms; adults and minors—shows signs of weakened defenses.

The Regional Commission for Water Resources in Latin America analyzed post-pandemic views on the arrival of the rainy season in 2023 and recommended that national authorities take “well-informed decisions to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases” or possible cases of the Sars-Cov-2 virus . Meteorology and climatology experts from several countries in the Americas reviewed and analyzed “the latest ocean and atmospheric conditions, as well as historical rainfall records, global model projections and their likely impact on rainfall patterns in the region,” and they recommend taking care of ourselves .


Physicians and pulmonologists say the country’s “peak of respiratory infections” has coincided with the arrival of the rainy season, as it does at the end of the year, due to changes in humidity and temperature.

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In addition, experts explain and agree that the most “triggered health problems are allergies, which are characterized by a runny nose, difficulty breathing and, in some cases, especially asthma; a bit of coughing and chest wheezing, although there is no fever.

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Some other doctors mentioned cases of flu, which were characterized by a fever of 38 degrees or less; however, flu, with symptoms of cough, sore throat, and worse fever, could initially be similar to covid-19, or to levels we already know to be lethal Viruses are confused.

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In addition to internists and pulmonologists, there are those who recommend that patients diagnosed with allergies continue prophylactic treatment with antiallergic drugs and bronchodilators used at times and seasons of climate change before symptoms worsen.

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Now, as the new coronavirus evolves and spreads, the international community is increasingly asking how it is similar to and different from the flu. Experts from the World Health Organization have compared the two infectious respiratory diseases caused by different viruses.

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Despite assurances from the Federal Government Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Dr. Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, that influenza 2020 or the death rate from influenza will not reach that of the new coronavirus Mortality levels; “No need to exaggerate.”

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In the textbook socio-political context, the national discussion is only just beginning – and I think this is wrong – that the unstable relationship in the internal politics of the country is intertwined between “visible and invisible actors” Together.

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