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Storm on Big Brother for this lewd video

Alfonso Signorini destroyed – “Video source Mediaset / Gf Vip and Twitter” – Newscinema.it

it’s a storm in Big Brother! This live-streamed lewd video has horrified the network and many are hoping for a good complaint. Alfonso Signorini will enjoy the summer holidays better, because the future scenario is not at all rosy.

obscene video live, some ask immediate complaint for such an insult. blizzard for Big Brother, it has not yet begun, but is already beginning in the worst possible way. What can I say, fortunately, Alfonso Signorini is already without hair, otherwise he would have lost them all from stress.

When things like this happen, we always do it. a thousand questions because maybe being a tong really has its benefits. For example, VIPs very often lose their “compass”, ceasing to understand what is right and what is not. Who knows if Signorini will put everyone in line this time too?

Disrespectful video that pissed off fans GF

We’ll tell you soon what happened to it offensive video and what does Big Brother. But he arrived news from two former giffins which we are sure you were very worried about, so we decided to open the brackets with this update. Get ready, because this is not positive, but as always, the ambassador is not punished. A story about Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro.

What else happened you say? After their far from calm and peaceful parting, Dal Moro decided to get on a planeon the advice of followers and try to build a relationship with Marzoli, who is currently advertising Ibiza on vacation. From the message posted by Daniele, we understood that now it seems between the two it’s over forever:

“Just arrived in Ibiza guys. I just heard Oriana, she told me that she absolutely won’t open the door for me. So avoid continuing to text me “take a plane, fly” and all this stuff here, because I knew it would end like this. Now I am waiting for Valentine at 00:00 ok and we will look for a hotel that will take us for three or four days. It’s good these days that I’m here. Enough, the interest that was there was different. I wish the queen every success in her television career and that’s it. I hope this conversation is over.”

Education above all else

It’s over again blizzard for reality show most spied on but this time Big Brother indirectly has something to do with it, as two former gieffini have published live videos many consider it obscene, which infuriated the network

Published live broadcast Edward Tavassywhich is clearly visible laugh at a gentleman, much older than him, who sits next to him on the plane, mimicking the bad-smelling gesture. At the end, we also see Micol Incorvaia, the ex-Geffino’s companion, who is unrelated to the incident and succumbs to boy’s recovery.

network emerged and the comments read are all unanimous against the former jeffino, how could Tavassi just save it according to his followers, many also claim that the gentleman caught on video and teasing without his knowledge could even condemn Edoardowhether he should be informed of the facts. What do you think of such behaviour?

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