Razzie Award 2023, to ‘Blonde’ and Tom Hanks the awards for the worst films and actors

The eve of Oscars is, as per tradition, preceded by Raidthe annual ugliest production awards of Hollywood. Blonde was awarded the prize as worst movieWhile Tom Hanks in the part of Colonel Tom Parker who made the fortune and the ruin of Elvis Presleywas ‘awarded’ for worst supporting actor but also for the worst combination “latex face and ridiculous accent”.

Tom Hanks between Razzie and Oscar

Elvis Of Baz Luhrmann is in the running for eight Oscars including Best Makeup and Best Hairstyling which it sees in the running with Mark Coulier And Jason Baird the Italian Aldo Signoretti. Meanwhile, the film ‘conquers’ two Razzie Awards thanks to Tom Hanks, who takes home the award for Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Couple; in this way the actor joins the small group of other colleagues who have won an Oscar and a Razzie, such as Sandra Bullock, Eddie Redmayne, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman And Jared Leto.

Leto and the two ‘excellent’ Razzies

Speaking of Leto, Morbius took home two ‘excellent’ awards, both in the starring category: one for Worst Actress ad Adria Arjona and the other for worst actor to Leto himself, in his second Razzie after last year’s, won thanks to the character of Paul Gucci in House of Gucci.

‘Blonde’ Raid Jury

Also Blonde can aspire to an Oscar with Ana de Armas in the part of Marilyn Monroebut the Razzie jury didn’t really like that film: “Misogynous, salacious and liar”, reads the motivation of the ‘award’ which accuses the work of Andrew Dominikinspired by the novel by Joyce Carol Oatesof “having shamelessly exploited the memory of the deceased Marilyn Monroe“. Pinocchio from the Disneynot to be confused with Pinocchio Of Guillermo del Tororeceived the award for worst remake.

How to be part of the jury

The Razzie figurines (Golden raspberry award) have the shape of a raspberry: ‘blowing a raspberry’ in English means blowing a raspberry. The awards, founded over 40 years ago by two UCLA graduates, John Wilson And Mo Murphy and awarded by a 1,200-member judging panel (whoever cares to fork over the $40 annual fee), are meant to be a parody of the Academy Awards, but sometimes the satire can turn into an own goal.

Road accident

It happened last year, when the Razzie gave the ‘award’ to Bruce Willis and soon after they had to revoke it when it was discovered that the actor of Die hard suffered from a severe form of aphasia. An encore was made this year, when a 12-year-old girl popped up among the nominees for worst actress, Ryan Kiera Armstrongprotagonist of horror Firestarters: “We ended up in the blender of the cyberworld”, admitted the organizers who, after removing the girl from the five and establishing that no minor from now on can be a candidate, competed for the decision taken and “won avalanche”.

The award to Farrell

On a more positive note, Colin Farrell Of Island spirits won the Razzie Redeemer Awardafter being nominated for Worst Actor in 2005 for Alexander. In this edition, Farrell beat rivals such as Mark Wahlberg For Father Stu And Val Kilmer for the documentary of Netflix Val.

All winners and nominations

Worst Movie



Good Mourning

The King’s Daughter


Worst Director

Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) And Mod SunGood Mourning

Judd Apatow – In the bubble

Andrew Dominik – Blonde

Daniel Espinosa Morbius

Robert Zemeckis – Pinocchio

Worst Screenplay



Good Mourning

Jurassic World – Domination


Worst Actor

Jared Leto Morbius

Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) – Good Mourning

Pete Davidson – Marmaduke

Tom Hanks – Pinocchio

Sylvester Stallone – Samaritan

Worst Actress

Razzie (to organizers) for “Their 43rd Worst Actress Nomination”

Ryan Kiera Armstrong – Firestarters

Bryce Dallas Howard – Jurassic World – Domination

Diane Keaton – Mac & Rita

Kaya Scodelario – The king’s daughter

Alicia Silverstone – Sharks – Nightmare from the depths

Worst Supporting Actor

Tom HanksElvis

Pete Davidson – Good Mourning

Mod Sun – Good Mourning

Xavier Samuel – Blonde

Evan Williams – Blonde

Worst Supporting Actress

Adria Arjona Morbius

Lorraine Bracco – Pinocchio

Penelope Cruz – Secret Team 355

Bingbing Fan – Secret Team 355 and The King’s Daughter

Mira Sorvino – Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend

Worst Remake, Rip-off or Sequel



Both films: 365 Days Now and 365 Days More


Jurassic World – Domination

Worst Screen Couple

Tom Hanks and his latex-laden face (and his ridiculous accent)Elvis

Andrew Dominik and his problems with women – Blonde

Both characters in the bedroom scene at the White House – Blonde

Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) and Mod Sun – Good Mourning

The two sequels of 365 days (both released in 2022)

Razzie Reedemer Award

Colin Farrell – (D Alexander to The spirits of the island)

Mark Wahlberg – (Da Transformers – Age of Extinction to Father Stu)

Val Kilmer – (From The Lost Island to Val)

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