Selena Gomez without make-up: the photo with 1 million likes in 8 minutes

Selena Gomez wearing makeup on Instagram

It seems that Selena Gomez is always one step ahead of the haters and the unpleasant events that involve her. It is these days her feud that sees her pitted against Hailey Bieber and sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Between digs on social media and teasing of the latter, Selena Gomez always comes out the winner and with her head held high, thanks to the support of her followers, and the reason for her is before everyone’s eyes: Selena comes across as authentic and genuineshares his emotions, tells the difficulties he experiences with his mental health, shows his body in freedom, including bellyand increasingly publishes gods selfies without makeupwith imperfect skin and tousled hair as it happens to all, and also to Blake Lively.

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The many comments of admiration and compliments under the photo of Selena Gomez without make-up are the confirmation that the singer is the most loved celebrity of the moment thanks to his search for normality and important values ​​to share.

Confirming its popularity is the fact that Selena Gomez is the most followed woman on Instagram with his 399 million followerssurpassing Kylie Jenner who had been one for a long time.

Another significant fact of the public’s appreciation towards Selena Gomez is the incredible result that her last photo in version barefaced who posted: The ultimate all-natural makeup-free selfie has caught up 1 million likes in just 8 minutesup to more than 21 million hearts so far.

It’s not just about popularity, it’s about the triumph of natural beauty and the normality of showing oneself as one is.

Selena Gomez is wearing no make up, with one imperfect skin like that of most people, with visible pores, freckles, redness and pimples. The hair, then, is disheveled and tousled. And in the second shared photo she makes a face that makes her even more human, true and close to her audience.

The caption of the photo “Violet chemistry” it is also a tribute to the song by Miley Cyrus, which Selena also tags, receiving a heart from her in return.

It seems that in these days of hate and rants, focus on normality and natural beauty is the only way to triumph and prove superior to gossip and ever closer to the people.

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