Recent Research Reveals New Hope for Treating Acne Keloid (AKN)

angels, August 29, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRNewswire/Spain/ — The Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic announces that a recent research report suggests a possible breakthrough in the treatment of this chronic and serious condition of keloid nuchal (AKN). The study, “Successful treatment of papular acne Keloidalis Nuchae using follicular unit excision,” was published in Case Reports in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD).

Three patients with acne scarring on the neck (AKN) were successfully treated by FUE using UGraft Zeus (PRNewsfoto/Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic)

AKN is characterized by persistent inflammation, scarring alopecia (hair loss), and distressing symptoms such as malodorous discharge, keloid-like lesions, discomfort, itching, and social difficulties. While it predominantly affects men of color, recent studies suggest that whites of European descent account for 9-10% of cases, with women being least affected.

The study reports the first use of a procedure called follicular unit extraction (FEU), commonly used in hair transplantation, as a possible treatment for AKN. Using the EUF technique, individual hair follicles within visible AKN papules are removed with the goal of slowing the progression of the disease while minimizing scarring. The study highlights the positive outcomes achieved in three patients treated with EUF.

doctor. Sanusi Omarlead author of the study and associate physician at the University California Located in Los Angeles, Harbor-UCLA Torranceand Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic manhattan beachexplain: “our Studies have shown that the EUF technique may be a promising approach for the treatment of AKN, especially for pimples with hair. This approach has the potential to achieve long-term remission while preserving the patient’s appearance. “

The study provides an in-depth look at the methods used, patient selection criteria and the innovative FUE technology UGraft Zeus® (Dr. U Devices Inc., Manhattan Beach, California), so that hairs (often curly) affected by AKN and deeply embedded in the scar tissue can be extracted. Research highlights the importance of specialized EUF equipment and minimizing the risk of damage to hair follicles.

Patients with established AKN lesions who did not respond to standard therapy achieved durable remission after a single dose of EUF.

This study advances our understanding of AKN and opens a potential avenue for effective treatment. These findings offer hope to patients with AKN and to healthcare professionals seeking new strategies to address the condition.

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