“Everyone was better than me”

Louis Garrel did not experience his first moments on the set of Little Women peacefully. Years later, he admitted that he was intimidated by colleagues.

One of the last attempts Greta Gerwig in cinema and previous Barbie this is a screen version Small womanreleased in 2019. The cast is replete with interesting names, from Emma Watson before Louis Garrel. And it was the latter who recently admitted how he experienced this experience on the set of the film based on the famous novel of the same name. To the microphones independentthe actor admitted that he experienced his presence on the set with great fear, because he considered his colleagues better and more competent.

“Little Women” Louis Garrel was intimidated by colleagues on the set: “They were all better”

Louis Garrel shared this scene with many worthy actors in Little Women. Not only Emma Watson, but also Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan, Eliza Scanlen, Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, Tracey Letts. It’s still Bob Oderkirk, James Norton AND Chris Cooper. Conceived as the seventh adaptation of the beloved novel Louisa May Alcott“Little Women” also wanted to see Louis Garrel in the cast, but the actor only now admitted that he had a hard time experiencing his presence on the set, because it was too intimidated from other colleagues. Interviewed independentHe said:

I am the most anxious Frenchman you will ever meet. Believe me, I would like to be bolder than I am. I… how do I say this? Effrayer is French for… a frightened boy. I was very excited because I knew that all the actors are better than me. Obviously Florence (Pugh), Saoirse (Ronan), Timothy (Chalame). But sometimes it works. I can always immediately understand – for example, on the first or second day of shooting – whether I will do well or not.

Apparently it worked for Louis Garrel. Not surprisingly, the film received several nominations (six, to be exact) on Oscar including Best Film. She starred in Little Women. Friedrich Bhae. After taking a break from Greta Gerwig as a director, the actor has appeared in other films such as Scarlet Sails, “Innocent, forever young” – “Amandieu”, “Shadow of Caravaggio”, “Three Musketeers”, “The Great Chariot”. and the latest Jeanne du Barry – favorite of the king.

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