Record-breaking Alisha Lehmann: she is the first woman on the cover of SWM magazine

The most followed Swiss sportsperson-influencer and athlete in the world. A continued success for the 24-year-old striker of Aston Villa and the Swiss national team. Now an appointment with history: she is the first woman on the cover of SWM magazine

Tremendous popularity. Aston Villa and Switzerland striker Alisha Lehmann has now become a social icon admired across the board. And between territories, sponsors and advertising services, there’s room for the beautiful and talented Alisha to be on the cover of SWM…

Born 24 years ago in Tagertschi, a small village of 400 residents in Switzerland, Alisha Lehmann has rapidly risen to the heights of popularity. The very fair Swiss has 13.7 million followers on Instagram. Social media following figures place Lehmann among the top female influencers involved in the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The most followed Swiss player in the world, now on the cover page of SWM magazine

but that’s not all. Last February, Alisha became the most followed Swiss athlete on social media, surpassing tennis legend Roger Federer. Lehmann, accompanied by her national team at the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand (Switzerland will make their debut against the Philippines), made history by becoming the first woman to appear on the cover of SWM magazine, which has featured artists and footballers such as Chris Brown, the American singer-songwriter and record producer, Trevo Chalobah of Chelsea and John Stones of Manchester City.

Lehman left everyone speechless. The Swiss forward from Aston Villa wore a black leather suit from the MJ Jones Spiked collection.

On social media, it didn’t take long for the appreciation from Alisha’s myriad fans to pour in: “First Lady of SWM…I love it,unreal,

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