Priscilla (2023) by Sofia Coppola.


1959: Elvis Presley, while on tour in Germany, met 14-year-old Priscilla, the adopted daughter of an Air Force general, in Wiesbaden. It is love at first sight between the two and Elvis immediately asks the girl to marry him. The divorce would take place in 1973, four years before the death of the King of Rock and Roll. The film is based on Priscilla Beaulieu Presley’s 1985 memoir Elvis and Me.

the posters

Priscilla, original movie poster


original title: Priscilla
Director: sofia coppola
Country/Year: UK, USA, Italy/2023
Duration: 110′
Type: Drama, Biography, Musical
mould: Callie Spenny, Dagmara Dominzik, Dan Beurne, Emily Mitchell, Jacob Elordi, Anna Mirrodin, Ari Cohen, Connie Mieu, Dan Abramovici, Dina Jarvis, E. Fagen Decordova, Erin McKinnon, Gwynne Phillips, Jorja Cadence, Josette Halpert, Kamilla Koval, Katie Garifalakis, Kelaya Guille, Luke Humphrey, Olivia Barb Rhett, Preston Galley, R Austin Ball, Raine Monroe Boland, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, Shaun Gordon Fraser, Sheila Lewis, Stephanie Moran, Tim Dowler-Coltman, Tim Post, Tonya Veneri
film script: sofia coppola
Photography: Philippe Lesord
Meeting: Sarah Flack
music: wonder
the creator: Sofia Coppola, Yuri Henley, Charles Finch, Bumble Ward, Lorenzo Milli
production house: American Zoetrope, The Apartment, Standalone Pictures
Distribution: vision delivery


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