Reinsdorf’s Bulls couldn’t even put on a regular “Happy Night”

United Center empty There were boos on Friday night. selma kloss.

It would be nice if those media fools trying to cover the unveiling of the Bulls’ new “Ring of Honor” had the right context for reality.

But most of these sycophants lack a deep understanding of the organization’s history. They don’t know the full petty and devious agenda behind the unwarranted breakup of the NBA’s defending champions, a rare global treasure. Jerry Krause and Jerry Reinsdorf 1997-98.

They were dealt a direct blow on Friday night as people today are outraged at the shocking act of sacrilege.

Gratitude sound array While the Bulls’ competition has been mediocre, passionate, well-informed Bulls fans poured in on a special event that was executed horribly by a profitable franchise.

Anyone in the Bulls front office involved in planning the event should have strong suspicions that any mention of Krause’s name would be met with loud boos.

That’s how it should be. The more loyal and sophisticated a Bulls fan is, the more he or she cringes at the mention of Krause and Reinsdorf and the memory of what they so tragically destroyed.

So why is Mrs. Claus the subject of so much eternal frustration and anger?

Is the current Bulls management really that stupid?

michael jordan facts His absence should send a clear message to team planners: The painful memories of that needless breakup still evoke huge emotions.

Think about it, if Jordan was just making a cameo, he would have to be taken in a limo to a private jet somewhere in the Southeast.

He had to walk about 80 feet to reach the jet. Less than three hours later, he would land in a private area of ​​Midway Airport. Then he would slim down to Cal, be thrown deep underground (where he once parked), and walk out to thunderous applause at halftime.

Former Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan during a Ring of Honor ceremony honoring the 1995-96 Bulls during halftime of an NBA basketball game between the NBA Bulls and Golden State Warriors on Friday, January 12, 2024. Video played on the scoreboard. Chicago. (AP Photo/Paul Beatty)
Associated Press

If he wanted, he could return to where he started in less than four hours.

Total time commitment: Less than 12 hours, almost zero outdoor exposure in the harsh Chicago winter.

But Jordan didn’t do it.


Because one of the biggest holes in his soul remains that his chance at a seventh NBA championship was snatched away from him by Reinsdorf’s cash-flow tyranny and Krause’s greedy goofballism.

There will never be an accurate measure of how many more championships Jordan’s Bulls would win from 1985-91, when Krause was on a lucrative scholarship to learn how to be an NBA personnel executive.

Starting in 1997 – who knew?

By providing a brief video that would have taken 23 minutes to film, Jordan did the bare minimum to show a level of respect for all that he and his fellow stragglers struggled to overcome during their astonishing run to six championships. and politeness.

Klaus should never After Reinsdorf and his partners took over the team in March 1985, he became the face of the team as general manager.

as a myth Red Auerbach “Jerry[Reinsdorf]should have kept his wizard behind the scenes. It would have saved him a lot of grief,” he said in a 2001 conversation.

Instead, like a playground savage torturing a one-winged fly, Reinsdorf moved Klaus to the front. Krause subsequently went to great lengths to alienate large swaths of the media as well as some players and coaches. Most importantly, I had made Jordan completely disgusted with him.

(“Me and ‘Breadcrumbs,'” Michael famously said, “we keep our distance.”)

Disgust reaches breaking point Pretty fast. Such sentiments first came to a head in March 1986 at a bizarre midnight press conference at Reinsdorf’s business headquarters in the northern suburbs.

There was much backstage debate that night about whether Jordan would return for the season after fracturing his left foot four months ago with the Golden State Warriors.

According to then-head coach Stan Albeck, who was also present at the time, during that verbal altercation, Krause said the unconscionable line to No. 23: “We own you.”

To this day, Jordan has never forgotten how insensitive and hurtful that statement was. The film was made about a 23-year-old black man who grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina, a city with a reprehensible history of racism. (For further research, see “The Wilmington Massacre of 1898.”)

next 12 yearsFor Krause, Jordan had to look as happy as possible in public. Jordan also openly expressed respect for Reinsdorf’s charred scoreboard capitalism.

All of this is based on his lucrative endorsement portfolio. Jordan would never deviate from his image as a cool, all-encompassing “like Mike” basketball space jammer in public. He was and still works very hard to protect consumer perceptions.

That’s why he’s worth an estimated $3 billion and counting.

So Friday nightIn an extremely poorly organized event, the mention and overhead view of Jerry Krause at the United Center elicited a predictable flurry of boos.

The sound was loud, refreshing, and more validation of the “breakup curse,” the basketball karma that will prevent the Bulls from winning another NBA title whenever Reinsdorf comes anywhere close to taking control.

dastardly puppets include Chuck Swirski and Jason Goff and Stacey King and wandering babbit KC Johnson Immediately condemn Selma Kraus for “booing” her on the air or on social media.

Of course, all of these people are on relevant payrolls influenced by Reinsdorf. The general grouping is “sycophants”.

But the smartest fans Here at Cal, we are not venting our anger at a woman who was in the carefully orchestrated spotlight at the very wrong time.

They are telling the malignant spirits of Jerry Krause and Jerry Reinsdorf a simple yet enduring old NBA Chicago drama:

“Dested Don Corgis and Wolfgang Miller arrive Bobby Weiss and Dennis Autry arrive Randy Brown and Judd Beachler arrive Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich and Alex Caruso, the most passionate Bulls fans will never forget. “

Michael Jordan once soared The level of dramatic basketball greatness reaches astonishing levels.

He took many people—some worthy, some unworthy—with him.

In the driving rain of Klaus Reinsdorf, his thanks were thrown away like a 17th-round draft pick.

Friday night’s boos were just one way for more sophisticated fans to express their utter disgust at the ensuing quarter-century of decline and the two men who caused it.

For the average Bulls fan, it was a resounding victory moment.

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