Weather and flu push attendance at “Pingüinos” to 38,550

Valladolid, January 14 (EFE) – Weather and influenza have reduced the number of participants for the 41st “Pingüinos” to 38,550, “a surprising number considering the inconveniences caused by illness and travel difficulties at the time” ”, said José Manuel Navas, who organizes the bike rally.

Navas pointed out at the press conference that the results of Europe’s largest winter motorcycle meeting were “very positive” because, in addition, there were no incidents of note, as five motorcycle accidents occurred, but without serious consequences.

This was confirmed by the mayor of Valladolid, Jesus Julio Canero, who explained that “in three of the accidents, the people involved were transferred to the city’s hospitals but there were no serious injuries” , adding that “it was an accident,” and that the victim was admitted to Rio Hotega Hospital, although it was not of major significance. “

The MP provided more figures from the episode: “80% hotel occupancy, an economic impact of about 5 million euros, a figure that can be achieved if we take into account the image that Pingüinos and Valladolid send to the whole of Spain Multiplied by two or three times, as well as other countries”.

He highlighted that the free bus shuttle service connecting the city center to the camping area (known as “Penguin City”) increased by 22%, with the number of users reaching 5,500, compared with 4,460 the previous year.

“This means that, in the next edition, we may have to increase the frequency and timetable because this service has been so well received,” explained Canero, stressing that “the hospitality of the people of Valladolid is hugely important. This is evident in all activities. “There is a wealth of activities throughout the year.”

To this end, he invites the participants of the Valladolid Cyclists’ Meeting to “come to the city at any time, because they will always find something to see and do”, he stressed, without forgetting to confirm the institutions’ interest in continuing Proceed to support this statement as a “reference” for two-wheel fans.

At the end of “Pingüinos 2024” the Golden Penguin is awarded to Víctor López, the first Spaniard to win the Isle of Man race; to La Bañeza circuit, to Moto GP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo and Pingüino Chicho Lorenzo, father of de Honor, to Beatriz Neila.

In addition, a tribute was paid to the National Police Service, celebrating its bicentenary and honoring its earliest visitor – again the “grandfather” José Miguel Dilla – the most distant, numerous, oldest and The oldest visitor. The youngest among them.Effie




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