Reinstates ‘forgotten’ vaccination program for minors

OLIVA LÓPEZ ARELLANO, SEDESA holder, said that the application of biological agents can not only prevent diseases in girls and boys, but also help to improve herd immunity

Oliva López Arellano, head of the capital’s health department, explained that although since 2010 local governments have “forgotten” that vaccination programs for minorities are the best way to prevent disease , but today, the campaign to restore vaccination coverage is giving girls and boys access to their counterparts, in addition to equipping health centers with biological products.

What is the universal coverage of vaccinations among minors?

The last rapid vaccination coverage survey conducted from 25 November to 9 December 2022 showed that the hexavalent vaccine (which protects against polio, pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, pneumonia and meningitis) The coverage rate reached 90.5%. BCG (protects against severe tuberculosis such as meningitis and osteomyelitis), 98%; anti-hepatitis B, 95%; anti-rotavirus, 85.7%; conjugated pneumococcal (13v), 94%; and SRP (measles, rubella and mumps), 84%. Where our data is lower is for DPT (the triple bacterium against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis), a biologic that is under-supplied at the national level, 76% here.

What does an applied biologic do?

Since it is very important to achieve high coverage and above all girls and boys under one year of age to be vaccinated according to the original schedule, we have promoted vaccination in 233 health centers, we have carried out various activities, for example, from April From the 3rd to the 16th, we had a concentrated hexavalent vaccination, during which time we received 3,500 doses, in addition to continuing the universal vaccination program in health centres. In addition, to restore coverage for children under 8 years of age, we have initiated a Hepatitis A vaccination campaign and continued BCG, Anti-Hepatitis B, Anti-Rotavirus, Conjugate Pneumococcal, Diphtheria, SRP. We also ran a special campaign against Hepatitis A, targeting children over the age of one and families aged one to eight who work in agriculture due to the greater risk. This has allowed us to increase vaccination coverage and complete the program. ; Our idea is to have all bio content higher than 95%.

Why is immunization important?

Vaccination is crucial because it can prevent some diseases and, in others, serious illness. Different vaccines work differently, but they are all very important personal and easily accessible protections. Many common diseases are contagious and because the population is vaccinated, they also protect everyone because it is an intervention that protects individually, but many of these diseases create so-called immunity or herd protection and reduce the risk of contagion, This is also basic.

At what age is it most important to get vaccinated?

It is necessary to develop a complete plan and make the necessary reinforcement in the first year of life. That’s why we invite people to use their national health card (specifically for people in these age groups), and have their vaccinations accurately recorded, and when they go to a health center and find that biologics are missing and get vaccinated, it’s available, immediately Apply.

What about the Covid-19 vaccinations for minors?

For the 5- to 11-year group, we administered 633,369 first doses; the full schedule, 512,00418, that is, at least one dose, we covered 97.4% of girls and boys and 81% with the full schedule . Coverage is higher for people over 12 years old, we have 100% coverage with one dose and 85% coverage with the full regimen.

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SEDESA said that special recognition should be given to vaccinators in medical units and public health services entering the territory. “The latter is one of the programs that is not lost on Seguro Pop though, I say nonetheless, because Seguro Pop’s activities are focused on the therapeutic part, a lot of public health action is delocalized or practically disappears, in terms of vaccinations, nursing staff I have always maintained the bounden duty of going out to find children.”

Photography: Courtesy. Written by Jorge Almazan.

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