renaissance manor “one hundred trumpets” in the green heart of Tuscany | Architectural Digest of Italy

A minimalist, martial charm, accentuated by an imposing central colonnade, forms a filter between the garden landscape and the ornate loggia. Frescoes and stucco with angelic features are intertwined with natural images that convey a sense of abundance. A colonnade that defines the proportions in an almost tailor-made way of this “room” only apparently without walls. A filter between oversized noble interiors and the sheer elegance of the natural environment of the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

Villa loggia.Photo by Paolo Abate

To wrap around the imposing residence there is scalloped windows running on four sides bring light and scenery to the great halls representations. The rooms offer an experience of reflection on architectural emptiness, a receptacle of light and shadow where pure forms rise. Arches, circles and rectangles with frescoes and bas-reliefs with human features, reminiscent of the passage of a person and his thoughts. in these interiors. In the arrangement of spaces of different sizes and heights, a mysterious and enveloping environment, known as lo, catches the eye. Wardrobe Poggiale. Nestled in a secluded corner of the apartments of Grand Duchess Christina of Lorraine, a small boudoir manifests itself in a riot of frescoes blende to grotesques in light colors. A kaleidoscope of figures and landscapes cryptically hinting at the function of the welcome room, with animated profiles depicting moments of care and well-being for the female body.

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