Water Nails, nails with water effect: manicure for summer 2023

ffresh, even very fresh :lIn the latest manicure trend for the summer of 2023, water has become the protagonist.that inspires a wet look manicure. Here they go Water Nailsnails inspired by transparent water drops, e Nails for water in the poolwhich refer to the reflections of the pools. These two splash effect manicure trends are all the rage on TikTok with over 15.5 million views.. Here’s how they’re made.

Water nails, water effect nails trend

Kim Kardashian was the first to think about this on the occasion of the Met Gala 2019, where she demonstrated ultra glamorous wet effect manicure. Now the trend is back, viral, ready to show off before the summer break. Versions go crazy, and nail service masters indulge.

Water nails are tricky to make, especially for making small drops. With great influence, they fit for those who have a lot of manual skills in working with enamels and Co.. Or, of course, it is enough to rely on experienced hands.


Typically, a manicure involves applying a false transparent nail, on which very small droplets are created by a clear gel. The illusion is that small drops settle on the hands after immersing them in water.

Alternative? Silicone drops are applied with precision tweezers directly on the nail, bare or over colored polish. For essential but absolutely gorgeous effect.

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Pool Water Nails, swimming in the pool

Reflections created by the sun on the surface of the pool. This is a pool water nail art inspiration.another watery and fun manicure that sparks a social media rage and recreates very blue water ripples on the nail.

The starting point is the application of two iridescent varnishes in shades of blue-green sea: blue covers the entire nail, green from the middle to the edge. Then you go over the top layer and, while it’s still wet, paint small spots with the same brush to reproduce the effects of light.

The master of this manicure is Zola Ganzorigt, a nail artist who often signs Hailey Bieber’s manicures. and who posted this particular water effect technique on social media.

Expert secret? For the perfect wavy effectLos Angeles nail artist Demi Park suggests using bloom gel. a special formula that is applied to a transparent base and creates ripples on the enamel for an even more realistic effect.


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