Reptile, a new thriller starring Benicio del Toro

Among the main characters are also Justin Timberlake and Alicia Silverstone. The streaming thriller is expected to debut in the fall

There is also Benicio del Toro among the main characters reptileone of the most anticipated thriller on Netflix in the coming months. movie will be released on the streaming platform in the fall. The actor “Traffic”, “Che” and “21 grams” will make an excellent company: they are with him on the set. Justin Timberlake AND Alicia Silverstone. Timberlake has long linked his career as a singer and dancer with his career as an actor, starring in films such as Davis Talk, Running Runner, On Time, and Friends with Profit. Silverstone, best known for his role in in “Girls in Beverly Hills”recently starred in American Horror Stories and Cheerleader Forever.

Complete composition of Reptiles

The film tells about the mysterious and cruel murder of a real estate agent and the subsequent search for truth. Del Toro interprets Detective Tom Nichols, and Silverstone is his wife Judy Nichols. Timberlake as Will Grady, the victim’s boyfriend. Film director: Grant Singerdirector of music videos (he has worked with The Weeknd, Lorde, Sam Smith and Skrillex and others), here he makes his film debut. Benicio del Toro he is also a screenwriter along with Benjamin Brewer and an executive producer on the film.

In addition to the trinity of protagonists just mentioned, cast of the film “Reptile” includes Michael Pitt (as Eli Phillips, one of the murder suspects) Ato Essando (as Detective Dan Cleary, Nichols’ colleague), Frances Fisher (who is Camille Grady), Eric Bogosian (aka Captain Robert Allen, Nichols’ boss), and Matilda Lutz (Summer Elswick).

They complete Cast Domenic Lombardozzi (who plays Wally), Karl Glusman (Sam Gifford, the victim’s ex-husband), Mike Pniewski (Marty Graeber), Thad Luckinbill (Peter) and Sky Ferreira (Rene, the victim’s best friend). In addition to being an actress and model, Ferreira is also known as a songwriter and is one of the artists the director of the film has collaborated with in the past. Between translators Reptiles finally, there is Owen Teague (as Rudy Rakosi), Katherine Dyer (Dinah Allen), James Devoti (Bennett Rozoff) and Michael Beasley (Victor).

Plot Reptile

When young real estate agent brutally murdered Detective Tom Nichols summoned to hear the case. Initially, the prime suspect is the young victim’s boyfriend, but the situation becomes less clear when Nichols begins investigating other dubious characters that revolved around the murdered girl’s life: it seems they are all secrets to hide. A suggestion that is also confirmed by Nichols himself: while his wife is willing to help him find the killer, some unsuspecting information will surface that could also harm the couple.

When will the Reptile movie be released?

Thriller Reptile will have its world premiere in Toronto Film Festival next September 7th. To see it streaming then we’ll have to wait a few more weeks: debut on Netflix actually fixed for October 6, 2023.

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