Restore 7 (Atomic) Habits of Daily Life to Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

If there’s one book that marks the beginning of lessons in building good habits and eliminating bad ones, it’s James Clare’s. We reread the small changes that led to extraordinary results.

With permission from psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé and her Find your vitamin man, The most read book in Spain is represented by another energy boost Start getting back into your routine the right way.we talk about famous Atomic Habits: Small changes, extraordinary results (Edited by Diana) James Clear. This is one of the leading titles recommended by us at ZEN.

While these ideas may feel repetitive at times, the strategies this habit expert lays out for achieving your goals are easy to put into practice. His thesis is Burning with Fire in the Black and White World.This is not to say that everything should be perfect from the first day back from vacation, but to introduce small behaviors during the day They are building a better tomorrow every day. Set your alarm five minutes early, do a few push-ups, read a page a day…

Why choose atoms

The authors describe a habit as “a routine or practice that is performed on a regular basis.” They are almost automatic and a response to specific situations. Why make it atomic? “They are as small as particles, but as powerful as a tsunami“, concluded.”If you improve by 1% every day, you will improve 37 times in one year.“.

Who hasn’t come back from vacation and want to completely change their life? Maybe you have to forget about those drastic transitions and just think about the time ahead. “Motivation is overrated“Context is often more important,” Clear reflected. What did he mean? It will be easier for you to comply if you already carry your backpack to exercise when you are off work and if you join a gym that is close to your schedule (home or office).

Based on those surprising powers small action Inspired by Clear’s advice, below we’ve developed seven (atomic) habits to improve our physical and mental health every day.

1. Schedule your workout

After paying the registration fee for the sports center, you can leave in two days. Forget about abstract goals like “I want to lose weight.” Instead, as Clear advises, “focus on the system.”put on very specific goals Remember, every time you start training, you are already becoming an athlete. “The most practical way to change Who are you is to change what you do”. Because as accomplishments accumulate, the evidence begins to change.

If your wish is to lose weight, please modify your wish an action and arrange it. “I will do one day of strength training and two days of cardio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 p.m.” Make these times as sacred as brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or eating.

2. Close Netflix and read a chapter

Yes, it’s nice to have subscriptions for all platforms to watch series, review them at work, and fix endings. It remains an option for cultural entertainment.But let’s be honest, all the obsession with Netflix, Disney+, Prime, etc. Increase screen time (Doubly so if we’re still watching this episode on our phones scroll on the web), which takes up hours of sleep and blocks nighttime melatonin production.

Perhaps it would be best to put this series on the weekends and start reading in September. For some, this will be a bedtime chapter. For others, it’s just one page. Everyone has their own goals. Lack of time is no excuse.If you find it difficult to choose a degree, you can enroll in book club, Just like Garbo’s Bookish or Greta books, every month, in addition to a book, you’ll receive a treat and a literary guide. Because “good books make good readers.”

3. Eat a protein breakfast

If there’s one piece of advice that nutritionists repeat over and over again in all the interviews we publish on ZEN, it’s to start the day with some protein.he Breakfast is not dessert: Mistakes (Sweets) can harm health and weight, cause blood sugar to spike and make us crave food Eat snacks throughout the day. Breakfast is not what we think of as the most important meal, “but the most powerful meal,” says glucose goddess Jessie Inchauspé. It is a myth that you will gain weight if you skip breakfast, regardless of the time of day, when you break your fast.

Of course, don’t opt ​​for churros with chocolate, croissants, buttered toast, muffins or sugary industrial cereals; A more nutritious, satisfying choice. I eat kefir with berries, oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts, scrambled eggs with vegetables or a protein shake with a banana. You’ll definitely stop snacking before mealtime and calm your anxiety.

4. Use airplane mode

If you feel like digital hyperconnectivity is robbing you of your time, energy, and focus, switch from multi-screen mode to single-tasking mode. If your inbox is bothering you throughout the day, set aside an hour each day to respond to emails and turn your phone around so you don’t have to pay attention to notifications every second, or simply turn it off, e.g., set aside an hour to respond to emails .an hour on the weekend digital detox. You will see how the world does not fall apart.

Regarding social networks, there is already too much evidence that they have a negative impact on a psychological level, due to comparisons with the rest of life, the “FOMO effect” Afraid of missing something Or the fear of missing something, as in a series), not being able to absorb a video when you’re already watching the next one… This can be the case on many phones Limit daily working hours So let’s break the bad habit of opening Instagram or TikTok every five minutes, which turns into hours. If you go into the settings, you might be surprised to see how much time you “lost”.

5. Exchange complaints for smiles

Just as all nutritionists agree on protein, the psychologists interviewed by ZEN also always agree on the importance of language. how we talk to each other It will change the way we think about our feelings. This is why we should be kind to ourselves. If you realize you’re having messages inside of you like “I can’t do it” or “I’m worthless,” start thinking “This will be hard, but I’ll try” or “I made a mistake that will make you I learn.”

Good etiquette in dealing with others also seems to be forgotten.Although we move very fast in an increasingly personalized world, it doesn’t hurt that Smile at the cashier What has this change done for you, say good morning in an email to a co-worker, thank your mother, or say “good morning” after walking in the door. Sometimes such a simple and freeing gesture can change your day or the day of someone else.

6. “Snacks” but keep moving

during those necessary pauses 5 minutes where is he smart watch You may be tempted to walk to the machine for a snack when you get up from your chair, or have your fifth cup of coffee to exceed your daily caffeine intake. Instead, how about you give it a try? snack sports?

It involves small doses of exercise several times a day. 20 squats or a few push-ups will increase your caloric burn and combat a sedentary lifestyle. If they look at you strangely, you have to be careful. Surely no one will look at those who smoke differently.Or you can choose Improve your NEAT (Abbreviated non-exercise activity thermogenesis), all calories burned that do not come from physical exercise. Like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or getting off the bus one stop before.

7. Plan your day

Personally, this is one of the habits that helps me achieve my small daily goals the most. It’s about getting a paper agenda or starting to use Google Calendar to take a few minutes the day before to organize the next day’s activities. But don’t aim just for the sake of aiming. Just do it realistically.Meaningless plan If we fill ourselves with many tasks we will not be able to complete them. There are only 24 hours in a day, and we spend some of them sleeping.

Nothing is more valuable than time, so make the most of it and don’t be obsessed with gaining life. Because, in many cases, urgent things take the place of important things. Think of your agenda as a commitment within which you can also hold your own space. It could be a few minutes of meditation or an active boxing class. But don’t forget.always remember this Not having good physical and mental health You will never be productive.

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