revealed the first possible information about the plot

The film is still shrouded in mystery, although it may have been revealed which comic will be moved into the movie comic.

Doctor Strange is one of the most interesting and popular heroes Marvel Cinematic Universe, who first saw the big screen in 2016 with the director’s film Scott Derrickson (Ultimatum to the Earth, deliver us from the evil one) AND Benedict Cumberbatch (Hobbit, Sherlock) to embody the nature of the link. Subsequently, the superhero took part in all the ensemble titles of the superhero universe de house of ideas, the result is a really curious and fascinating figure. Recently, among other things, the second chapter of the film, dedicated to the sorcerer, was released, signed Sam Raimi (Spiderman, drag me to hell) which took the character on an absurd journey between different dimensions of the universe Marvelalso causing him to face other versions of himself.

Doctor Strange 3 it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet

Doctor Strange

Well, right in the post-credits scene. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnessthere is a meeting between a sorcerer and a mysterious Clea (embodied Charlize Theronlisten) is Dormammu’s daughter, as well as the superhero’s comic book love interest. A detail that is absolutely not underestimated, judging by the recent leaked information on the net. In fact, you should know that, according to some recent rumors from The Cosmic Circus magazine, it seems that the story Doctor Strange 3, still shrouded in mystery, he drew inspiration from the comics Time is running outcomic event in which the last daysMarvel Universe.

It actually starts with Clea, who is part of a secret group protecting the Multiverse and who asks for Doctor Strange’s help to solve a cosmic problem. In fact, the numerous invasions that have taken place risk destroying the universe itself, and it is up to the good wizard to repair this damage. Not only that: it would seem that these events also foreshadow two important ensemble films of the future MCU or Avengers: Kang Dynasty AND Avengers: Secret Wars. It’s obviously too early to tell, but we hope to find out more as soon as possible.

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