Taylor Swift Goes to University: Here’s Where

In Belgium, in the heart of Europe, fans (and not only) Taylor Swift are about to embark on a unique journey through the pages of literature, guided by the notes of the songs of the famous American singer-songwriter. Queen of Pop: Taylor Swift has 12 #1 records. A gigantic piece of music considering it 34 years.

Today, the singer is a unique phenomenon that is in constant growth. so much so thatGhent University in Belgium launches what is considered the first of its kind literature course in Europe. Authorized “Literature (Taylor Version)”cycle of classes will British professor Ellie McCausland and aims to explore the connection between pop music and literary culture from 14th-century works to Canadian writer Margaret Atwood’s version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, set in prison, through Swift’s lyrics.

“I have never received so many letters from enthusiastic students asking if they can take a course,” McCausland told The Guardian. “And actually also non-students, people who are not part of the university and who want to participate in some way.” Academician put forward the idea of ​​studying a musician Grammy winner and about her work after being repeatedly struck by the parallels between the singer’s lyrics and English literature from Geoffrey Chaucer, Charlotte Brontë To William Shakespeare which he studied for a long time. There are examples? Love story Swift describes the forbidden union of two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet. While in song Wonderlandcompare a relationship inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, including the text of the nursery rhyme “we went down the rabbit hole.”

Course to start with autumnadded to the master’s degree in Languages ​​and Literature; McCausland emphasized that, being designed for the academic world designed to welcome everyone, from swifts to those who are not against the artist: “There are critics who will consider her a little frivolous and stupid. The focus is on literature, but I also want them to be critical of Swift. Swifties, and we won’t spend three hours every Monday idolizing her.”

It’s not the first time Taylor Swift has taken a university class. In 2022 Clive Davis Institute New York University paved the way for the queen of pop in academia by conducting a course on the musician’s “hobbies and dislikes”. Since then, half a dozen more courses have appeared in the United States on various aspects of the artist’s work, which has recently become first lady have four albums in US Top 10 Charts in the same time.

Third album Pop star’s “Speak Now (Taylor Version)”, re-recorded and re-released on July 7, debuted at number one after being sold. 716,000 copies: With this latest success, Swift surpassed Barbra Streisand, who held the record until today.

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