Review of the comedy Girl for Rent, which tries to do something special, but has some flaws

Yes, “girlfriend for rentmissed a huge opportunity and in this review I’m going to tell you why I think so.

Comedies are often a great way to guarantee a few hours of laughs, but like any other genre of film, they can also be an effective means of commenting on the world we live in. Think of Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece, The Great Dictator, from the 1940s, targeting Adolf Hitler, calling for the fight against fascism and making audiences laugh. Comedies can offer laughter and moments of reflection on the problems of humanity.

R-Rated New Comedy by Jennifer Lawrencegirlfriend for rent“, seeks to continue this tradition by intertwining the plight of Maddy Barker (Lawrence) with contemporary economic problems and class inequalities. Of course, it’s also a movie where a super sexy Jennifer Lawrence beats up people in the nude, so it clearly doesn’t claim to be a classic masterpiece like Ramin Bahrani’s films. However, from time to time, writer/director Gene Stupnitsky (who co-wrote the screenplay with John Phillips) manages to come up with a few serious jokes that point to the mismatch of experience between the working class and the wealthy.

At the beginning of the film, we see Maddie trying to make ends meet. Her town is flooded with wealthy tourists and Maddie is consumed by financial difficulties. But then the film gets lost and fails to show these problems effectively.

Maddie decides to answer an ad on Craigslist. She has to “date” with a teenager in exchange for a new car. This odd job is Maddie’s way of getting something for rich people since they got so much from her.

In the film, the boy’s rich parents are shown as bad people. But then the film gets soft on them and doesn’t criticize them enough.

As the film progresses, comments about class inequality become less relevant. The film focuses on gags and forgets about real social issues.

Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence for rent

The third act of the film is strange. He tries to compare Maddie’s problems to those of a rich kid, but it doesn’t work. And Maddie’s financial problems are solved too easily.

What’s most disappointing is that the film doesn’t criticize wealthy parents enough. At first it seems that he will, but then he becomes too soft with them.

“Bride for Hire” was conceived as a comedy about serious issues. But she failed. He started well, but then he lost his way. The film is not bad, but nothing special came out of it. It has lost the ability to be a movie that makes you laugh and think like other great comedies. It’s still a good comedy and Jennifer Lawrence is very good at comedies too.

Have you watched “Bride for Hire”? Did you like this movie? Have your say in the comments.


girlfriend for rent


  • Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant and charismatic.
  • Convincing performances by the supporting actors that enrich the plot.


  • It lacks depth in dealing with serious topics, missing the opportunity to turn into a great comedy.
  • The film’s third act is confusing and less effective.

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