Rex Ryan calls Patriots without Tom Brady the worst team in the NFL

Tom Brady’s time in New England put this team at a higher level than perhaps any other team in NFL history. But as he faded away, the team slowly fell into the bottom cellar of the NFL.

At least, that’s what former rival Rex Ryan, who coached the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, told ESPN’s “First Take” on Monday:

“I’ve been waiting years to say this. The Patriots. The Patriots are the most hopeless team right now. I’m just telling the truth, because they are. There’s no talent there. Like, who’s their best player on the field? ? Because they don’t have (linebacker Matthew) Judon. You don’t have (cornerback Christian Gonzalez). (Defensive linebacker) Christian Barmore? I can’t say what I want to add to my ball The names of the rest of the team.

“So, to me, yeah, it’s hopeless. The quarterback is terrible. There’s no energy. There’s no passion. I look at this offense and I don’t see anything.” (00:03: 55 mark)

Bill Belichick’s record with and without Tom Brady

New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots head coach’s 21-17 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders and their former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on Sunday could put a nail in the coffin of the Tom Brady feud Driving the final nail.

Since losing Brady, Bill Belichick is 26-30. Before the quarterback left at the end of the 2019 season, he had a 237-83 record. That’s a .740 winning percentage and, of course, six Super Bowl wins. Over the past three years, he has a .464 playoff winning percentage and is 0-for-1 from the field.

This percentage was primarily improved due to the team’s 10-7 record in 2021. If the team continues at a 1-5 pace this season, he will finish with a record of approximately 3-14, which will further reduce his winning percentage.

At this point, the team’s odds of landing the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft are the most alluring aspect of the franchise.

One question fans are already asking themselves is whether Belichick will be a member of the team for all 17 games.

Not many coaches can survive such a low point. Nathaniel Hackett was sacked around Christmas last year. In 2016, Rex Ryan was cut in Week 16 after a 7-8 record. At this point, if the losses continue, fans may be calling for a new era before the season is over.

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