Sonora state government works to raise awareness about e-cigarettes and e-cigarette use

Hermosillo, Sonora; October 16, 2023 – The Government of the State of Sonora, through the Department of Health (SSA), has sensitized more than 700 students on the use of e-cigarettes to avoid the use of this health-damaging device . and long term.

According to the agency, so far in 2023, 39 verification visits have been conducted to various venues and 136 vaping devices have been seized, of which 117 have been destroyed.

He said that staff from Sonora’s National Commission for Sanitary Risk Prevention (Coesprisson) participated in these verification and educational institutions, where they gave informative lectures on e-cigarette users and the damage they cause to health.

The SSA details that e-cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as they are also called, heat aerosol liquid for inhalation and that same liquid contains nicotine, flavorings and other addictive agents.

According to health agencies, these devices may cause illnesses related to smoking, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, heart and brain infarction, lung, stomach, pancreatic, bowel and bladder cancers.

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