Ridley Scott, 5 films of the English director, which are worth seeing

Ridley Scott: On the occasion of the trailer for his next film about Napoleon Bonaparte, here are five films directed by the English director

Ridley Scott will be back to wow the audience Napoleon, released on November 23 in Italian cinemas epic tells about the life and battles of the French general and emperor – with Joaquin Phoenix in the role Napoleon Bonaparte AND Vanessa Kirby in those of Josephine Beauharnais –. Scott is considered one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema, thanks in part to the creation of three great films: aliens (1979) Blade Runner (1982) and Gladiator (2000). Despite belonging to different genres (fantasy horror first, dystopian science fiction / noir second and historical third), which film critics consider the masterpieces of Western cinema and the maximum expression of the artistic genius of the British. In fact, Scott has dabbled in several film genres throughout his career.

So, here are five more films directed by Ridley Scott, from the greats of recent years to cult become such due to sociocultural factors.

1) The last duel (2021)

First of all, we have one of the latest works by Ridley Scott: Last duel. This is a historical film set in 14th century France, in the era of clashes between the noble troops of the Kingdom of France and the Kingdom of England and Burgundy. Nobleman Jean de Carrouge returning to his castle, after fighting for the king, he discovers that his wife Margarita was raped by his squire. Jacques Le Gris. Thus, he decides to turn to the law and (after a trial in court before the sovereign) challenge the landowner to a duel.

Ridley Scott tells us a dramatic story with an exceptional cast consisting of Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer and Ben Affleck. The screenplay is based on a short story written by the Damon-Affleck duo (which is itself based on the book The last duel the work of a literary critic and professor of medieval literature Eric Jaeger). The film presents us with three different points of view: the false point of view of two men (Jean talks about how he was a good husband, and Jacques says that the relationship was based on mutual consent) and the true point of view of a woman (Jean is rude and does not love her, instead of Jacques, he raped her without hesitation), prompting the viewer to take the path of catharsis by witnessing the manifestations Bad.

Last duel available at Disney+.

2) Black Hawk Down (2001)

Black Hawk Down – Black Down demolished it is a portrait of the severe humanitarian crisis that erupted in Somalia in the 1990s. After the end of the dictatorship barsthe country found itself in complete civil war over various tribes and many warlords. Josh Hartnett, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Sam Shepard, Ioan Griffith, Ewan McGregor and Tom Hardy I’m part of this big cast Movie about war, directed by Ridley Scott, is considered one of the best of its genre and among films of the 2000s. The director puts on a play defeat of the US armysent to the Horn of Africa on a humanitarian mission that was supposed to last only thirty minutes.

There is no feat in the film; rather, the viewer becomes a witness to the massacre, which is prepared by partisans loyal to the commander. Mohammed Farah Aideed. We see a handful of seasoned soldiers fall into an ambush, telling us that the army of one of the world’s superpowers is made up of men with fears and emotions, and not machine guns programmed to kill and always ready to carry out a mission.

Black Hawk Down – Black Hawk destroyed currently available on Netflix.

3) Soldier: Jane – Private Jane (1997)

before GladiatorRidley Scott made a highly controversial (and panned) film with the duo Demi Moore and Viggo Mortensen: Private Jane. Jordan O’NeillU.S. citizen with the rank of lieutenant in the Navy, selected (after her candidacy) for the program Seals: First woman to join the Marine Corps.

A long training begins, a period of suffering and effort, which he will be able to overcome and demonstrate his iron will to fight the gender stereotypes imposed by society. A sharp and ferocious film, a fierce critique of American society and excess. militarism, who predetermined the Hollywood rise of Mortensen, who later became a translator Aragorn in the trilogy about Lord of the Rings, thanks to his interpretation of Private Jane.

Private Jane currently available on Prime Video, Timvision, Sky Go and NowTV.

4) Legend (1985)

Dedicated to science fiction Aliens and Blade Runners, Scott decided to make a fantasy film. This choice contributed to the birth of one of the director’s most controversial films, a symbol of the eighties, full of dark colors, paying homage to fairy tales. Brothers Grimm, Peter Pan From J. M. Barry and medieval love for novels Lancelot and Guinevere or Tristan and Isolde.

Legend boasts as the main characters chosen by Ridley Scott, a very young man Tom Cruise, Mia Sarah and famous Tim Curry in the role Dark. The story is set in an imaginary realm, the evil dark lord Tenebrae commands his goblins kill the last two existing unicorns; this will allow him to eliminate beauty and sweetness, increase his magical powers and bring darkness to the world. Evil beings also kidnap a beautiful girl (named Lily)who walked through the forest with her beloved Forest Jack. He, with the help of a group of curious fairy-tale and elven creatures, must save the world from darkness by going to an ominous kingdom. Dark.

The film is known for its different runs, as well as recutting for the American version due to the failure at the European box office. Of course, it’s an imperfect work due to cuts, but it has gained a cult following due to its gothic and dark atmosphere and its pessimistic and original ending.

Legend available on Prime Video and Disney+.

5) American Gangsters (2007)

Finally there is american gangsterscrime drama film Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Josh Brolin, Cuba Gooding Jr., Idris Elba and Common. The plot of the film directed by Ridley Scott is based on a true story. Frank Lukes, a mafioso who built a sizable criminal empire by importing pure heroin from Southeast Asia and filled the criminal power vacuum in Harlemafter the death of the boss Bumpy Johnson in 1968.

Meanwhile, viewers follow the story of the detective Richard Roberts, the man who managed to locate Lucas and turn him into a police officer. A masterful film, a masterpiece of films dedicated to bandits along with Once Upon a Time in America, The Godfather, The Godfather 2, Scarface, Damned Road and The Irishman.. Ridley Scott tells us two stories, the story of a gangster and the story of a detective, alternating between two different visions of the world and reconstructing the clash between Good and evil.

american gangsters currently available on Netflix and Prime Video.

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