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When it comes to Rihanna’s hairstyle, you really don’t know where to start. Since 2005 (the year it exploded worldwide with Pon de replay) until today no cut, style or color that she did not experience.

An endless catalog of inspiration

Pixie haircut, bob in every way, textures from very smooth to very curly and soft, extreme or micro lengths, ponytails, braids, bundles of any kind, not to mention nuances colors ranged from cherry red to chocolate, honey white to inky black and in between. basic moments caramel, peanut butter, hazelnuts, whatever.

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Superstar and Founder Fenty was, is and will be one of the main elements of the moodboards of all hairstyles passion for beauty peace. Why? Simple Rihanna, even when it comes to hair, is never wrong.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

It was immediately obvious that the girl from Barbados never had to take risks: for example, in 2007 she never thought for a minute to cut her chestnut curls and show herself angular asymmetrical bob very black, a hairstyle that at the time became the hairstyle of every cool girl on earth.

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