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27 June 2023

In his first campaign for Louis Vuitton, Pharrell Williams keeps his vision of home in check with the new Speedy, an adaptation of the iconic bag informed by images of pregnant Rihanna photographed by Keizo Kitajima and Martin Sims Is.

Rihanna poses for Louis Vuitton man

The campaign, presented a few days after his debut show, expands the work area of ​​the new creative director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s line, representing the union of two everyday icons: inspired by every day life. A luxury bag made to code, played by a charming cast.

The campaign was moderated by Cynthia Lu and Matthew Henson, longtime collaborators of Pharrell Williams. Prior to the show, a campaign teaser was projected onto the façade of the Musée d’Orsay.

The new Speedy is inspired by the cosmopolitan nucleus that contributed to the first phase of Pharrell Williams’ apprenticeship in luxury: Canal Street in Lower Manhattan, New York; A cultural hub fueled by a diverse energy and frenzied mindset that reverberates through the streets of every metropolis in the world. An evolution of the classic Speedie, one of the first bags owned by Pharrell Williams, the new edition evokes a visual language via the Maison’s Savoir-Fair, which references Canal Street’s code and stylistic approach.

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