Rio Negro News – (Audio) Bird flu in sea lions: When will the outbreak peak? Can I fish?

sea ​​lion

Paul UlrichEnvironmental Defender and Punta Bermeja Sanctuary Coordinator provided some details about the presence of sea lions that have died from bird flu.

in conversation Coastal FMClarified that “the reserve remains closed” and this will happen as long as cases continue to emerge: “21 days will be counted from the last positive test.”

Currently, he mentions, “the study is being done every two weeks. The survey is done every day, and when a large number of animals is reached, SENASA is notified and then scheduled and sampled.”

When will the death toll peak?

Asked when the spike in specimen deaths from the disease might have occurred, he said, “In other countries, it’s two months after the outbreak started. We’ve been there for almost a month. If we go by those numbers, That’s how it should be.” A month later, but in other countries, they don’t have the wolves here. We must continue to observe its behavior. “

Can I fish?

Ulrich also dispelled doubts about whether people could fish despite the disease, assuring that “the disease spreads between species, between similar species. There is no record of it going to fish.” fish.”

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