‘RIP’ – Tragedy strikes Cristiano Ronaldo’s family as mother Dolores mourns tragic loss hours before Al Nasr game

Sad news came to his family cristiano ronaldoleaving his mother, Dolores Aveiro, in mourning. Just hours before Ronaldo was due to face Ohoud in the King of Al Nasr Cup championship, his family received the devastating news of losing a beloved family member – Ronaldo’s aunt. Following his mother, his two sisters also paid tribute to their aunt Gorette.

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The Portuguese forward is in excellent form in this game and has scored 9 goals in the past 6 games, which is impressive. Ronaldo has been the driving force behind Al Nasr’s eight-game unbeaten streak. While he would have loved to continue his impressive run, the unfortunate news dampened the excitement for the upcoming game.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s family mourn the death of their beloved family member


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Family grieving the loss of Ronaldo is Dolores Aveiro’s sister they call sister Goret. Dolores took to her Instagram account to pay tribute to her beloved sister, sharing a heartfelt message accompanied by a poignant photo. “There is another star in the sky today. Rest in peace, my sister.” she wrote as she mourned the loss of her sibling.

The cause of Ronaldo’s aunt’s death remains unknown, adding an element of mystery to the heartbreaking incident. Unfortunately, there is limited public information about her. They called her Auntie Gorrett and mentioned that she once lived in Australia. However, it is clear from Katya Aveiro’s comments that she was once close to her family, especially when Ronaldo and his siblings were young. Let’s also look at the feelings expressed by Ronaldo’s sisters after their devastating loss.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister sends heartfelt message for losing aunt

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister published a post on her Instagram account Elma Aveiro Expressed her emotions in simple language, “this is life. Rest in peace, aunt. “


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Katia Aveiro, Ronaldo’s other sister, Follow her Instagram Stories Memories of precious moments spent with her “Aunt Gorrett”. She spoke fondly of the fact that her birthday and her aunt’s birthday were on the same day, October 5th. Additionally, Katya shared a touching anecdote about how their aunt provided them with school supplies when they were children.

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Most poignantly was Katia’s recollection that the last time they embraced was during her visit to Australia nine years ago. She ended her message with a farewell and words of comfort: “Dear aunt, go easy and may God give you strength. To my cousins, I know what it feels like to lose someone we love unconditionally”. The news of the death of a family member undoubtedly cast a dark cloud over Ronaldo’s relatives.


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