Rosalie starred alongside Penelope Cruz in Pedro Almodovar’s Grupo Milenio.

Rosalia became one of the Spanish artists more influential and outdated than in the last decade. His impact on the music industry has been remarkable and he has received praise both nationally and internationally.

Undoubtedly, Rosalia is known for her talent in music and composition. but they know little in jest as an actressincluding collaboration on a project by a renowned Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar Several years have passed.

Was Rosalía Almodovar’s girlfriend?

Even today, Rosalía is completely focused on her music and her successful “Motomami World Tour” in the past. Tboth forays into cinema collaborate with a famous director Pedro Almodóvar.

This article will be published in 2019, when the Catalan artist makes her debut as an actress. in the movie “Pain and Glory”. At the end of the week, the belt became the biggest spectacle of the year, attracting more than 180 million viewers, according to local information.

In this film Rosalia appeared briefly this is what puts her on the list of “Almodóvar girls”, a term used to refer to actresses who worked in Pedro Almodóvar’s films off-road.

Although his role in the film was short-lived, his participation in the work of such a famous director as Almodóvar emphasizes his artistic versatility.

A year before the film’s release, Rosalía shared it on her Instagram account. photos of the first scene and an emotional thought in which he expressed his great happiness at realizing one of his dreams, which was done on a large panel.

“Now I had a precious day… Now I’m going to go to the cinema for the first time… I watched with my mother and daughter the films of Pedro and the women who play the main roles in them. a world so familiar to me from time to time. My life has always been connected with singing, touching, dancing, interpreting, and I honestly say that from a very young age I dreamed of doing something like this… Today I am on the road with a new film by Almodóvar, which will close the coming year. I thank God for allowing me to work all these years, giving me clarity on my path and making sure that I can be a part of it today. Never forget what makes you truly happy,” he wrote on Instagram.

How was Rosalia’s participation in the film?

In the movie “Pain and Glory”, aired on March 22, 2019, Rosalia showed a paper like one of the village women who washes clothes on the river bank.

In one of the scenes of the film, he meets Penelope Cruz, who is the main character of the plot. During your performance in this film, Rosalía also has the opportunity to sing the theme “A tu vera”.belonged to the flawed Spanish singer Lola Flores.

The film is a semi-autobiographical work that explores the life and career of film director Salvador Maglio, played by Antonio Banderas, he is the alter ego of his own Almodóvar.

Scenario It is based on the experience of El Salvador. reflecting on the past and present. The film touches on themes such as creativity, memory, nostalgia, the connection between cinema and life, and reconciliation with the past.

Through a series of flashbacks and scenes set in the present, The film tells the story of Salvador’s life from childhood. In a small town in Spain, he finds himself a film and entertainment director who struggles with health and addiction issues as an adult.

Pain and Glory is a deep film. emotional, combining elements of drama and comedy, and he was praised for the leadership, direction and actions of the members of his list, especially Antonio Banderas, who received an award at Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival for your interpretation.

The film is a moving portrait of the artist’s life and is considered one of Pedro Almodóvar’s best works.

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