Robert Smith against Ticketmaster: “Disgusted by Cure pre-sale fees”

Robert Smith he said he was “disgusted” by Ticketmaster’s pre-sale fees. The singer of the Care prepares to leave for a tour of North America, Lostworldand with these statements she gives new impetus to the controversy with the ticket sales platforms in which she has already expressed herself Taylor Swift after problems encountered in selling for his tour.

After managing to avoid controversial strategies like platinum packages and variable pricing for his band, Robert Smith he said he was “horrified and disgusted” considering the hefty service fees added to the cost of “verified” tickets, designed to protect fans from online scalpers.

Taylor Swift, from record to chaos tickets for the US tour. Congress moves

by Massimo Basile

For some time now, the musician has been railing against scalping practices. Starting with the secondary market of selling tickets that don’t exist yet: “All secondary market sites that sell The Cure tickets at insane prices are a scam,” Smith wrote on March 13. “None of these scammers have a genuine ticket for sale. Please don’t fall for it.”

Wholly owned by Live Nationthe largest concert promoter in the world, ticketmasters is the largest electronic ticketing machine in the world and has been under fire for many years, but particularly in recent months after fans who had attended the program Verified Fans for the next tour of Taylor Swift they found themselves waiting for hours online or not getting tickets at all.

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