Shakira speaks for the first time on TV of Piqué: ‘I have endured everything’

It was “therapeutic” for her to write this song. “A healthy way to channel my emotions”. Talking is Shakira and the song in question is obviously “Music Sessions Vol. 53”, the revenge song with which he climbed the charts all over the world.

The singer performed it live for the first time on the “Tonight Show” by Jimmy Fallon. In the interview Shakira explained that this song has become a real anthem for all the women who have found themselves in the same situation as her and “had to endure everything that I had to endure”.

“We have crafted an anthem for all women. I have heard not only fans, but also sisters, friends, we have become united, because what happened to me has happened to many women.”

Shakira won’t stop there: here’s what we should expect from her

Shakira won’t stop there. She has already released “TQG”, a new revenge song co-written by her Karol G, she is also known to gossip lovers because of her breakup with the singer Anuel AAwho cheated on her with a younger woman.

Not only that, according to a source from the The Sun Shakira’s entire new album will be dedicated to the end of her marriage to Gerard Piqué. Meanwhile, it seems that the former Spanish footballer is planning a wedding with his new partner Clara Chia Marti.

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