Brothers of stars: who are the sisters of stars like Timothée Chalamet

They are the most interesting family stories, those of the brothers of the stars, because they make them more accessible and close to us (they too have a brother with whom they fool around)

For a while we talked of nothing else, gods nepobaby, the children of, we got lost on the Wikipedia pages following the blue links that lit up on the names of the parents of celebrities with the pioneering spirit of those who believe they have discovered something definitive and we wasted time thinking how similar mothers and daughters were. Then came the T-shirts with “Nepobaby” written on them, sported in January by Hailey Bieber, and at Fashion Week in Paris there was the trend, among models and actresses, of taking their daughters to the fashion shows (Banca Balti had done it and Kasia Smutniak). The time has come to explore who I am in the family tree the brothers of (or brothers of the stars), because they are a category that is not talked about enough, despite channeling the most interesting part of family stories, that is, the one that makes our favorite celebrities reachable, human, close to us. They too have a brother who they like playing silly with food or who post one Tweet too many about you.

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March 15 the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar dedicated a service to her in which she comments on the looks of the Parisian Miu Miu fashion show. Green eyes, thick eyebrows, a little messy bangs: she can only be related to Timothee Chalamet. It is in fact the sister Paulinea former dancer, now an actress, who had taken part in the TV series in past years Sex Lives of College Girls playing one of the main characters. A shot that immortalizes them together and seals the brother-sister relationship is the delicious one that she posted on her Instagram profile of her, who takes them back funny with an orange peel in her mouth. The story of two brothers with the same talent and wishful thinking for acting it certainly warms hearts and convinces us that they are genetic traits that are handed down beautifully in the family.

In reality Pauline is older than Timothée by three years, and started acting much earlier than him, so one could open an intricate parenthesis on who, first, is “brother of” the other. Pauline, in fact, had moved secretly from her parents at the age of twenty to Paris, where she took part in small local productions of TV series or theater performances. Fame for Timothée opens with her part in Call me by your namefilm that does not come out before 2017.

The story of Nell Mescal, sister of Paul Mescal Of Normal Peopleinstead it begins when the nominations for the 2023 Oscars come out and she writes an emotional Tweet to say that she is delighted to know that Paul is among the candidates for best leading actor for Aftersun. Specifically the Tweet said “my mum went to get a haircut today to prepare for chemotherapy and then Paul was nominated for an Oscar, life is crazy”. Her brother’s fans notice her and start bombarding her with messages like “apparently Paul is not the most talented Mescal in the family”, referring to Nell’s initiated career as a singer.

If we talk about brother and sister partners in crime then you can not fail to mention the singer Billie Eilish and brother Finneas, who have always, ever since they shared a bedroom in their parents’ house, produce the bases and work together on each other’s music. And then they’re adorable, they’re always together at events, so much so that it’s hard to find a photo of one without seeing the other peeking out alongside.

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