Selena Gomez reveals the trick on how to give volume to the lips

From soap and water selfies to tutorial in which you make up and make up revealing here and there a few gems of beauty, up to short ironic videos, often self-deprecating, however capable of instilling real silent feuds, Selena Gomez she is certainly one of the most influential celebs on social media. Always in the center of gossipeither for his never really confirmed relationships, or for his role in the Bieber-Kardashian Gate, which continues undeterred to come back to the surface despite the photo of reconciliation with the wife of Justin Bieber taken at the Academy Museum Gala, la former Disney star she takes advantage of the work done on her mental health to always remain head held high and smiling, as one of the last ones also shows photo posted on your profile Instagram.

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Instead it is up TikTok that the founder of Rare Beauty takes advantage of the platform and its short videos to share some beauty secrets with its followers, which in a very short time become a trend. So, after the eye makeup sponge hack, here it is Selena come back to enlighten us with one clever new idea to give your lips an extra dose of volume with just a lipgloss.

Selena’s beauty tip for bigger lips already viral on TikTok

If until now we have always thought that to give the lips a more voluminous and fuller appearance it was necessary to combine the action of pencil and lipstick, such as the Lip overlining which Chiara Ferragni (among others) cannot do without, what makes us change our mind is Selena Gomez, or rather, her makeup artist.

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In the video, in fact, the singer of “Lose You To Love Me” is made up by Hung Vanngo, celebrity makeup artist, who explains to viewers that if you want to do without using the pencil to enlarge the lipsbe it white or nude, the secret lies in using the gloss in a particular way. Which? Simply spreading it above the line that defines the upper lip, thus creating a sort of extension at the cupid’s bow. In just a matter of seconds, that’s it lips will instantly look biggerwhether you decide to use a normal gloss, a lip plumper or any other product with a liquid and luminous finish.

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