The new ambassadors and entrepreneurs of beauty

An authentic, exuberant or mysterious personality is one of the main traits with which a luxury beauty brand chooses its testimonial or ambassador who must represent not only the fragrance or cosmetic product but also the values ​​and storytelling associated with it and the expectations of new generations of consumers.

Among the new appearances in the beauty industry, Whitney Peakyoung Canadian actress of Ugandan origin, one of the main characters of the series Gossip Girlhas just been named the new ambassador of Chanel and the face of the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance.

Her authentic personality and exuberance, which allows her to present herself as who she wants to be and to do what she decides to do, today’s candid Gabrielle Chanelrecalling the famous 20-year-old who was transforming the narrative of being a woman and becoming the innovator and icon who would change the world of fashion and beauty in her era.

«Taking care of myself means doing everything that stimulates me, everything that makes me bring out the best, most authentic version of myself» declares the actress. «Even when I wear perfume, I do it to take care of myself. When I get out of the shower, I apply the cream, oil and spray the perfume on my body, clothes and hair. Without it, I feel incomplete.”

Coco Mademoiselle perfume is intense and delicate, young and bold, seductive without being provocative, unpredictable and unexpected, perfectly translating what she meant into an elixir Olivier Polgeperfumer créateur of the Maison Chanel.

A composition built around the freshness of citrus fruits and the sensual wave of a purified patchouli, with woody aromas, available in different interpretations, all irresistible, also as body oil and hair perfume.

Whitney Peak for Coco Mademoiselle

Lancôme brings together its global ambassadors to give the idea of ​​an international community that inspires and supports each other. Julia Robertsmuse of the fragrance La Vie est Belle meets Amanda Seyfried, Isabella Rossellini, Lily Collins, Penelope Cruz, Zendaya Coleman as well as the latest entries to join the universe of the brand: Hoyeon And Aya Nakamura.

Photo by Mario Sorrenti and filmed by Emmanuel Adjeithis iconic cast of «happiness activists» represents the vibrant, emotional and universal aroma that radiates right from the heart of the new perfume La Vie est Belle Iris Absolu.

Penelope Cruz x Lancôme

It is the Maison Armani Beauty itself that announces two new witnesses, Hanni – singer, dancer and member of the South Korean girl group NewJeans – make-up artist and actress Sydney Sweeneyquickly established herself as one of Hollywood’s rising stars, for the brand’s My Way fragrance and cosmetics.

«Hanni she is a very young artist with great expressive power and a captivating and irresistible individuality. She has personality, and this for me is the most important trait, always »he says Giorgio Armani.

Hanni for Armani Beauty

«I was immediately struck by the energy and freshness of Sydney, which are reflected in the open and authentic smile. She has determination and talent and is, among the young actresses, one of the most versatile and magnetic. All this makes it the perfect embodiment of the spirit of My Way: the idea of ​​a free and at the same time profound femininity» concludes the designer.

Sydney Sweeney for Armani Beauty

To the British actor Joseph Quinn, the title of first chosen worldwide to represent the Gris Dior fragrance of the Collection Privée Christian Dior, an artist defined by the hypnotizing and mysterious charm, perfect incarnation of the olfactory transcription of the Avenue Montaigne house. The protagonist of the hit series Stranger Things it therefore becomes a symbol of couture gray, considered the discreet and elegant signature shade of the Créateur Dior, translated into an intense and refined floral aroma.

Joseph Quinn for Christian Dior

The musician A$AP Rocky and the actors Julia Garner and Elliot Page instead they are the new faces of Gucci Guilty, emblematic fragrances dedicated to values ​​such as self-acceptance, friendship and love, in various variations, because for each personality there is a special variant of the perfume.

A$AP Rocky for Gucci Guilty

From testimonial to entrepreneur

The world trend among the stars that has generated a new massive entrepreneurial outlet in the beauty sector is that of those who have founded their own beauty brand, putting their signature and image, their beliefs and economic substances on it. Among the VIP entrepreneurs of success, Rihanna created Fenty Beauty “for women everywhere to be included”, focusing its aesthetic message on a wide range of difficult-to-match skin tones, developing formulas that work and target universal shades. “You have to have fun with makeup. It should never feel like something forced nor should it ever be the same. You have to feel free to choose and dare something new or different», says the artist.

Rem’s manifesto created by Ariana Grande highlights those beauty tools necessary to give life to unlimited creativity to achieve that feeling of feeling incredible: «Makeup is so personal that I only want to provide tools that support and encourage people in their self-expression that should never be given for granted”.

One of the most anticipated debuts, JLo Beauty by Jennifer Lopez develops skincare products that make you feel your best: “Our slogan is beauty that has no expiration date. The goal is to create luxurious yet accessible products, to allow for a daily routine, with both immediate and long-term results, clinically proven”. Obviously seductive, luminous, for a JLo ‘Glow’ effect from head to toe.

Other singer and actress, Selena Gomez signature Rare Beauty, modular products with a fresh finish for every occasion and designed to dispel the myth of unrealistic expectations imposed by society, impossible to achieve.

Created with the complicity of Alicia Keys and inspired by ancient beauty rituals, Keys Soulcare is dedicated to body, mind and spirit. Powerful, ancestral ingredients are combined with modern ones, such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides and bakuchiol, to create highly effective formulas that are gentle enough to suit all skin types.

Even more extreme green philosophies are proposed by the top model Elle Macpherson with WelleCo elixirs, entrusted to the original powers of the most resistant and nutrient-rich plants in the world, enhanced by targeted supplements, for complete nourishment from inside and out.

The Outset by Scarlett Johansson is another universal and accessible skincare line, based on Cassia flower seeds, a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, which provides immediate and long-lasting hydration to plump, smooth and nourish, increasing the radiance of the complexion.

They believe in science, Rhode’s label Hailey Baldwin Bieber which uses high-performance ingredients to ensure a daily routine to the skin barrier over time, and the LolaVie brand created by jennifer aniston, obsessed with medical journals and technological advances on the latest beauty and health innovations, a hair care proposition that has the idea of ​​combining the best of science and nature.

Haus Labs by is also part of the group Lady Gagabrand and collective of creatives, scientists and innovators, who look to experimentation and innovation, sure of the fact that not all natural ingredients are good and not all synthetic ingredients are harmful.

The industrial design products of Humanrace by also have a respectable following of followers Pharrell Williams, distillates to support good habits that bring benefits to the mind, body and spirit; vegan and gluten-free cosmetics by Kylie Jenner (Kylie Cosmetics); the wardrobe of couture beauty Olivia Palermo Beauty by the trend setter of the same name and the Pleasing make-up collection by Harry Stylescreated in collaboration with the Brazilian designer Marco Ribeirowhich includes a wide assortment of nail polishes, glosses, pressed powders and multi-purpose cream pigments, for men.

JLo Beauty by Jennifer Lopez

Alicia Keys x Key’s soulcare

Jennifer Aniston for LolaVie

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga

Ariana Grande x rem beauty

Scarlett Johansson for Outset skincare

Hailey Biber x Rhode

WelleCo by Elle Macpherson

Selena Gomez x Rare Beauty

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Pharell Willimas with Humananrace

Kylie Jenner x Kylie Cosmetics

Olivia Palermo Beauty

Pleasing by Harry Styles

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